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Spaceship of Dreams to Be Launched in Autumn

Posted May. 15, 2002 09:06,   


Spaceship `Cosmos l`, that will run on power from light particles of Sun, will be launched in autumn, if early, reported BBC news on 13th.

BBC delivered that the U.S. Planetary Society is promoting this plan with Cosmos studio which is meeting movie producers and writers, and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency) also will pay attention to it.

Spaceship will run on the power that particles of sunshine conflicts with ultra thin mirror-like sail which is installed in it, like ship uses wind.

The reason why scientists pay attention to solar energy for power for traveling in universe is because there is difficulty in traveling for a long on chemical fuel, which is being used currently.

There is indication that sunshine is weak after passing Jupiter, however, defender of spaceship insists that they can use universe light.

`Cosmos l` will be loaded on rocket, which will be launched from sub-marine in Russian waters and enter Earth`s orbit.

The British professor in Glasgow University, Colin McInnes, said, “ Spaceship based on solar energy is coming to reality than we expected”and “it can be used for gathering samples of small planets or comets”.

Hye-Yoon Park parkhyey@donga.com