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[Opinion] `Suspicion of Three Hong`, Taking Stream And World Cup

[Opinion] `Suspicion of Three Hong`, Taking Stream And World Cup

Posted May. 14, 2002 09:01,   


The date of return to nation by President`s third son, Mr.Hong-gul, is coming near.

If he was summoned to the prosecution, criminal punishment would be inevitable to him and to the second son Mr.Hong-up, too.

There is opinion that how two brothers can be sent to prison simultaneously, however, he seems to follow the younger brother soon.

Is 2~3 billion won which two brothers took, a small amount?

Moreover, people say “there must be more”.

Five years ago, Mr.Hyun-cheol, second son of former President Kim Young-sam was arrested right after all night investigation by the prosecution.

Now, two sons of the President might be in the same situation.

Whether, son of President is one or two, we can`t bargain punishment.

Even if there are three, there should not be any exception.

Mr.Hong-gul and Mr.Hong-up should have revealed the truth beforehand.

Applying law would be no difference whether it is summon or voluntarily appearing, however, why did they gain people`s furiosity without appearing voluntarily?

They would show only miserable faces after being summoned by the prosecution and after trying all escape routes in every way.

Firstly, Mr.Hong-gul and Hong-up should abandon consciousness of privilege that they are sons of President.

Any power can`t be everlasting protection.

They should think that there is no fence of the power any longer.

It is better to forget lingering attachment of past luxury times as soon as possible.

If they stick to such lingering attachment, they would become ridiculous.

I feel so seeing the aspect of member Hong-il, first son of President Kim who attended the general meeting of MDP on 8th.

Mr. Hong-il was sorry when members passed him with simple greeting on face, and said, ¡°It seems that I am not a member. They don`t give any regards even though I was not here for months¡°.

He might misunderstand that his power, which was like piercing the sky when leaving for the U.S, is still soaring.

Mr. Hong–gul and Hong-up who is coming to the prosecution can also misunderstand.

Mr. Hyun-cheol left `message to people` before going to the prosecution five years ago, as if he was a historical person.

How many people would wave farewell on his back, being touched by his message?

This is the situation five years back which Mr. Hong-gul and Hong-up should ponder on.

There is only wind blowing at the place from where the power left.

It would be better to think that they are standing there alone, and, try to reveal every truth like penance.

It is the only way to keep dignity of `father who won the Nobel Peace Prize`.

Secondly, it is the behavior of the prosecution.

If the investigation is insufficient, it can be handed over to special prosecutors.

Investigation like event that raises voice in the beginning in order to dormant public opinion and retreat back gradually will put the prosecution to shame.

It should conduct perfect `surgery` that doesn`t need `re-surgery`.

The rumor, that the origin is vague, and the investigation should be finished before starting of World cup is flowing.

World cup is worldwide festival, therefore, it means that matter of President`s sons should not hold ankle of the festival, it is national shame as all the people in the world would pay attention to this festival.

It is the right word. However, why did they make the situation so?

If someone say that it should be finished just before the festival, as if he didn`t know

the date of opening of World cup, its intention seems not to be pure.

The rumor that there is `planned gostop` behind the power originated from the


Only 15 days are left for the staring of the World cup.

Even if it is a scandal which finished its secret investigation, what can they do for 15


Do they think that if World cup fever blows, people would forget `suspicion of three

Hong`, therefore, let`s finish it after making an excuse of `restraint of Mr.Hong-gul

and Mr.Hong-up`.

Parents who will have to observe the scene of two sons getting arrested might feel like

catching even a straw.

There must be personnel`s who want to try `taking stream` in investigation of `suspicion

of three sons` at any cost, using World cup fever.

Indeed, World cup will drive the world into festival and `suspicion of three Hong` will

also be affected by its fever.

However, World cup is only one moment; it will finish as an event for exciting the


`Suspicion of three Hong` will be still there after the finishing of World cup.

Unless the truth is not revealed it will not come to an end.

If they use tactics like `taking stream` in World cup for `suspicion of three Hong`, the

situation will become worsen.

Nam Chan-Soon (Editorial Writer)