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Love in Memory…

Posted May. 14, 2002 09:08,   


`Over the rainbow` is a movie which the audience watches knowing the `answer` beforehand.

As the advertisement copy says, `Friend before 2920 days, Love in 2920 days`, the audience may watch the movie knowing the conclusion. That main characters Jin-Su (Lee Jeong-Jae) and Yeon-Hee (Jang Jin-Young) would eventually become lovers…

It is Jin-Su’s past that adds tension into the story, which has obvious conclusion. Jin-Su becomes partially amnesiac after car accident, but keeps remembering a snap picture of a woman. Although it becomes clear that the picture’s face is Jin-Ju’s former lover, he is unable to remember the face fully. Jin-Su asks Yeon-Hee, who was a co-member of the same photography group from college, for help, and as the two meet repeatedly, their feelings grow for each other.

Director Ahn Ji-Woo goes across present and past at the same time, leading the stories of present love and past love in `progressive form` simultaneously. As feelings for Yeon-Hee grow, the mysterious face from the picture also comes alive.

“We belonged to the same photography group”, “She liked freesias”, “I used to call her `rainbow` and loved her one-sided”…

In the process of gathering pieces of memory for the lost love, Jin-Su chooses the present love over the past love at the crucial moment, saying, “Memory of love that is found through some other person cannot give back the feeling.¡° Eventually, the pieces of memory fully come together, and connect the past love and present love.

Center of focus in the movie is on the two male and female characters. Lee Jeong-Jae, who gained favorable criticism from `Jeong-sa` and `Present`, appears as a tap-dancing weather caster, searching for `rainbow`. Jang Jin-Young, who gained great attention last year through `Sorum`, also certainly established herself as a star actress.

In terms of weather casting, this movie is `partially cloudy, but generally clear and bright`. (For fans of Lee and Jang) “With little bit of luck, rainbow can also be seen.” Above 15.

Sue-Jean Kang sjkang@donga.com