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[Editorial] Parkview, Suspicion of Changing Purpose of Use and Involving Power

[Editorial] Parkview, Suspicion of Changing Purpose of Use and Involving Power

Posted May. 13, 2002 10:24,   


The houses that were taken before in Parkview apartment in Bundang, Sungnam–si, Gyeong- gi, has reached to 400, increasing day by day.

Applicants who were in queue without sleeping, as well as general people might feel enraged and absentmindedness.

The prosecution is proceeding with investigation, however they are slow avoiding the essence and measures of Ministry of Construction and Transportation that says to prevent recurrence of privileged lotting-out, which is also pothering after the event.

The prosecution that is investigating suspicion of preference is focusing to track those who got the allotment in advance.

It is role of the prosecution to judge if allotment before, was preference or not.

It should investigate Chairman Hong, H-one development, who concealed with a key of privileged lotting-out.

However, limiting this investigation to track on privileged lotting-out muddies the substance.

The kernel that the prosecution should disclose is suspicion surrounding buying of land and changing purpose of use of the land.

Giving up of the land by POSCO and even paying penalty in 1995 was also full of suspicion; however, the procedure how the land for shopping center was changed to the land for multi-purpose apartment for residence and commercial use, arouses suspicion.

The suspicion that politicians near the core power as well as staff in related organization who helped in changing the purpose of use are included among people who received allotment in advance, is growing.

¡°Compromise connection surrounding changing the purpose of use in Jeong-ja area, Baekgung, Bundang, involves land corporation which led change of the purpose as well as construction company, trusted management company and Sungnam city besides politicians¡°. What member Park Jong-hee of GNP, who is well acquainted with the affairs of this region, insisted also supports aforesaid.

Civil group of Sungnam already insisted, “President`s relatives and high ranking officials of the law who are the real power in the ruling party were involved in buying land and changing the purpose of use so that they received privileged allotment”.

Could a minor construction company for building apartments conduct alone changing the purpose of use of the land, which was commercial area into apartment area?

Unless power of the power involved in the procedure of changing the purpose of use and buying the land are revealed, suspicion of Parkview scandal would never disappear.