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`Blue House Refitted to Guest House, Presidential Office Relocated`

`Blue House Refitted to Guest House, Presidential Office Relocated`

Posted May. 11, 2002 09:02,   


Presidential candidate of the Grand National Party (GNP) Lee Hoi-Chang said on May 10, `If I assume the presidency, I will change the Blue House to a state guest house and relocate the presidential office to another place where I can get together with people.`

Further, candidate Lee said, `I, Lee Hoi-Chang, have neither house vassals nor political debt to pay,` and added, I will implement a grand affirmative policy in which no discrimination and special treatment can exist.`

Candidate Lee has been officially nominated as the party presidential candidate in the national party convention held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium and promised in the presidential candidacy acceptance speech, `I will ostracize injustice and corruption what the prices for that may be,` and added, `I will start from me and my surroundings and manage in strict manner my families and relatives not only not to interfere in the state affair, but also not to involve in any interest or influence-peddling.`

He emphasized, `I will root out the wrong custom and institutions existing in the National Tax Service, the Financial Supervisory Board, and the Fair Trade Commission,` and added, `I will make a new world where entrepreneurs can manage business without looking after the powerful and without any need to contribute to political funds.`

Candidate Lee presented reform measures such as starting a public hearing on appointment of the prosecutor-general, briefing state affairs to the parliament by the president, and making the presidential secretary office devote to strategic planning coordinating conflicts among ministries.

He said, in relation to a Northern policy, `I will establish a Northeast Asia Development Bank to assist the economic recovery of North Korea and expand greatly the humanitarian aid to North Korean brethren, but I will seek the consent of people on Northern policy and make certain that the foods we provide go to the brethren in North Korea.`

Additionally, he presented other platforms including ban on political reprisal and surveillance, educational investment share of seven percent of the Gross National Product and research and development investment share of three percent thereof, annual economic growth of six percent, and dramatic improvement in high school equalization policy.

GNP also conducted a supreme members election at the convention of the day and established the first leadership line-up (seven elected members and two appointed/recommended members) since the introduction of a collective leadership system.

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