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[Editorial] Clarified Money Is at Least 2 Billion Won

Posted May. 11, 2002 08:53,   


It is quite surprising that President Kim Dae Jung`s third son, Mr.Hong-gul received 2 billion won from Mr.Choi Gyu-sun, C.E.O of future city environment.

Mr.Hong-gul is revealed to have taken benefits involving concessions following Mr. Choi`s connection.

We can`t predict how the black money will increase as investigation of the prosecution proceeds.

Mr.Hong-gul stayed in a luxury house in U.S and used to drive Lexus car and travel between Los Angeles and Seoul in special first class flight.

Source of the money is getting revealed now.

When so many people were suffering losing jobs due to reformation, he enjoyed extravagant life through received money by request of interest.

It is deplorable how come moral sense of President`s son reached that situation.

I would like to ask how President Kim coped with and received report of son, who was committing absurd conduct with dangerous person.

Despite National Intelligence Service reported closely, dangerous relationship between Mr. Choi and Mr. Hong-gul, Mr. Hong-gul sent adverse wind from Los Angeles after receiving message from Mr. Choi.

If President had taken care of Mr. Hong-gul closely at least from the moment when former member Lee-Shin Beom disclosed luxury house, the compromise couldn`t have expanded this much.

President Kim would find difficult to avoid criticism that he didn`t get lesson from former President and coped with compromise of Mr.Hong-gul carelessly and easily.

There is doubtfulness that Cheong Wa Dae didn`t control Mr. Hong-gul, on the contrary, it helped him indirectly.

First lady Lee Hee-ho should reveal if she called Yu Sang-bu, Chairman of POSCO to meet Mr.Hong-gul or not.

It is said that President Kim couple are passing painful days due to successive compromise of sons.

However, people who live in confused nation due to compromise of President`s sons are greatly vexed.

Dignity of nation is terrible.