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National Team Upgrades Stamina

Posted May. 09, 2002 10:00,   


`Stamina upgrade, OK.`

The Korean national team players seemed more nervous than ever at Seoguipo Kangchanghak Stadium, Jeju, on the 8th. The reason was soon discovered. As part of the `power program` that aims for strengthening of stamina before the World Cup, `Shuttle Run`, also known as `deadly test`, was to take place on the day.

Stern-faced players were divided into two groups with heart-beat bands on their chests, and repeated an interval training by running to and fro (4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times one-way) for 20 meters along the amplified voice and buzzer to take short rests in between. `Shuttle Run` first begins with jogging, but since it increases speed for every repetition, the players call it `deadly running`.

In the day’s test, Cha Doo-Ri claimed the first place by surviving until the 151st run. Lee Chun-Su, Sul Gi-Hyun, Lee Young-Pyo, Park Ji-Sung, and Song Jong-Kuk were tested in the 1st group, but the amplifier broke down to stop them at the 137th run.

On the day, goalkeepers like Lee Woon-Jae, Choi Eun-Sung, and Yem Dong-Kyun dropped out by the 104th run and Yoon Jung-Hwan by the 118th, but most of the players generally seemed much improved as they all reached near 128th, which was the best record during the European filed training in March. There were 6 players, who failed to go beyond 120 runs. There were only 5 players during the European field training, who gave up before 100. `Veteran` Hwang Sun-Hong covered 138 runs and Hong Myung-Bo 131 to satisfy coach Guus Hiddink.

“The number that comes outward is not important. Accurate data of heartbeat rate during exercising and resting will tell how much the body has actually improved,” said Hiddink.

What is the shuttle run for? Experts say that it is the best training for improving muscular strength, stamina, and speed. “As the big games are coming up, speed and quick reaction should be worked on more than stamina. Shuttle run includes all physical factors needed for soccer, as it maintains stamina while increasing speed and quickness,”said Dr. Lee Jong-Kak at Korea Sports Science Institute.

Jong-Koo Yang yjongk@donga.com