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[Opinion] Secret of DJ Withdrawal

Posted May. 09, 2002 09:51,   


When President Kim Dae-Jung withdrew from New Millennium Democratic Party, saying that he will concentrate on national affairs during his rest of the term along with apology regarding suspicion of compromise about three sons, frankly speaking, it was not convincing.

Despite leaving the ruling party by current President is significant in many ways, however, people who are tired already thought lightly.

Some ruling party people who planned declaration of apology and withdrawal will find it hard to gain efficiency.

This essence of declaration is in withdrawal than sons matter.

As there was no new story related to indirect apology, the ruling power also seemed not to expect big efficiency.

They seem to expect efficiency of withdrawal, however, it is also no new treatment as it has been commented several times; therefore, its efficiency is also not strong.

On the contrary, they will have to pay attention that early withdrawal from the ruling party by current President would make political stream more complicated for the rest 9 months of the term.

Above all else there is one thing that we can`t think that President Kim really wanted withdrawal.

Indeed, the style that made Chief Presidential Secretary Park Jie-Won read declaration of withdrawal on behalf of him, that adjusts political life comprehensively within political disarmament as well as abandoning the ruling party leaving nine months term, are not suitable to the style of President Kim politics.

Above all else, doesn`t President Kim have the strongest political assumption?

It is President Kim who knows that, if we had to withdraw, it is more dramatic to declare himself with tragic face.

After all, President Kim seems to have no options but permit tacit declaration, which added withdrawal under the situation that had pressure of apology regarding suspicion of son`s compromise.

What leader of United Liberal Democrats (ULD), Kim Jong-pil who experienced rough political life said, ¡° I presume that withdrawal was not the intention of the President but was obliged to do so¡° is the word that is to the point.

President Kim was concerned when he resigned from the leadership six months ago and this time, too.

People can ask questions in return `how can president be concerned…¡°, however, when he resigned from the leadership, party showed back on him due to conflict within the party and this time, people`s mind showed back on him due to political compromise.

The case that President was pressurized by people close to him at the end of term was in history, too.

Then, what did the ruling party who strongly urged withdrawal of President aim at?

As soon as declaration of withdrawal was carried out, some of the ruling party talked about changing party`s name from MDP and political reformation.

Summarily, it is because of sense of crisis that support of Presidential candidate Roh, who is enlarging political ground, is tossed, due to `compromise storm` of President`s sons and core power.

Indeed, reformation or `new democratic unification` is being stressed on, it is especially one of the courting tactics towards former President Kim Young-Sam and targeting Pusan area.

It originated from impedance that they have to make Pusan mayor at least in local elections.

This slogan is abstracted `reformation` from `new democratic reformation unification` that candidate Roh urged, however, I wonder why they should have done like that.

Here there is one thing that the ruling party missed.

At first, if they thought that withdrawal of President Kim could block `compromise storm` that is pressurizing `Roh wind`, it is miscalculation.

On the contrary, `compromise storm` can be stronger.

It is one example that first lady Lee Hee-ho is being mentioned due to sons matter.

It must be unexpected situation.

Finally, the ruling power wanted to think scale of compromise as small, if possible, because of the greed that wants to draw the line.

Isn`t it such an easy going mind that doesn`t know people`s mind?

Another problem is that it has given generous marks to `Roh wind` by itself.

`Roh wind` was raised by contrary wind so called Rhee In-je within MDP.

And it produced the highest efficiency of rising as there was enervate GNP too.

However, if we consider current panic stricken people`s mind, any `Roh-wind` is difficult to defeat `compromise storm`.

If it were so, it should have gained time in treating sons matter and political compromise during President`s Kim term in the party.

Who is the power that fully mobilized `Roh wind` in this battle?

Driving President Kim away too early might be source of calamity.

The bigger problem is that political situation is quite flowing following early withdrawal.

According to `silent agreement` of President Kim who is extremely tired in body and soul, future political schedule can be shaken by the intention of some of ruling power.

Observing situation of the ruling party and outdoor, political reformation is also likely to be stagnant as expected.

The secret of withdrawal is in this very point.

Political situation after withdrawal left subtle message.

It is `the one who raised me in political world can also refuse me`.

Choi Gyu –chul (Chief of Editorial)