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[Editorial] Is Choi Gyu-son, A Pandora Box

Posted May. 08, 2002 08:54,   


The tape that Mr.Choi Gyu-son, C.E.O of future city environment recorded before arrest is full of surprising news; therefore it is hard to presume what is truth.

Mr.Choi tried bargaining with core power by using bait that he fastened Mr.Hong-gul, ahead of investigation of the prosecution and the recorded tape is also thought of being left for such purpose.

There is possibility of exaggeration as Mr.Choi`s words and behavior is quite unusual all the time and he recorded it under mental pressure ahead of investigation of prosecution.

As the recorded tape shows, negative evaluation regarding him spread to people close to President Kim Dae Jung; however, he was not such an absurd person.

He showed capability in achieving visit of Saudi Arabian Prince Al Walid, big person of international finance world George Soros, and singer Michael Jackson to Korea.

Seeing photographs that were taken with President Kim couple and Mr.Hong-gul couple, we can`t reach to conclusion easily that all story in the recorded tape is in vain.

If discussing plan for smuggling with staff of NIS and Cheong Wa Dae is true, it comes under crucial crime.

And we can`t overlook his statement that he gave 300 checks worth 1million won (300 million won) to Mr. Hong- gul and insisted that President Kim told him to help Daewoo and Hyundai.

It is difficult to find out the route how Mr. Choi went to U.S. due to pressure of Cheong Wa Dae and NIS and came back as secretary of Mr. Kwon Roh- kap and approached Mr. Hong-gul.

Mr. Kwon, who raised abandoned Mr. Choi as nuclear bomb is arrested by exposure of Kim- Eun Sung, former vice-chief in the Second dept. of NIS who used to inspect, Mr. Choi.

The composition is complicated as if we are reading mystery story.

It is limitation of current power that an unsound person could storm near President`s family and main organization.

Pandora box, which Cheong Wa Dae and main organization feared to be revealed, is opened finally.

Dividing truth and exaggeration from the record tape of Pandora is role of the prosecution.