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[Opinion] Altar That Calls for Son

Posted May. 07, 2002 09:00,   


Condemned criminal Kim Dae Jung, who was in Army prison, uttered guilty confession that he conducted things, which he should not have done as father, in letter (diary written in prison) to his third son Mr.Hong-gul, who was the then, high school student in December, 1980.

We can feel father`s love towards the youngest son who had to observe father`s life in prison, house arrest, restraint and sentence to death.

First lady Lee Hee-ho is also heard of taking care of Mr.Hong-gul`s each matters, as she bore him after being 40 years old due to late marriage with President Kim who was a man bereft of his wife.

It is hard to understand why he overlooked Mr.Hong-gul`s matter, who was having relationship with the one, whom NIS listed as subject of precaution, even if he observed situation that former president was entangled in huge whirlpool due to his son, Mr.Hyun-chul.

Did he believe explanation of the youngest son, who had honest consciousness since he was young (diary in prison) rather than report of NIS, which aids himself?

We greet year of international dishonor in which whole nation is stirred up by compromise of president`s son in every five years.

Korean president should take care of advocate of son, whenever it reaches the end of his term.

Even though we are registered in OECD, matter of president`s son is the bottom level of ASEAN.

There are traces that core power grasped Mr.Choi Gyu-son as dangerous person and managed him concentratingly since beginning of the resumption.

There is rumour that Mr.Choi dragged Mr.Hong-gul using the timing when Sajikdong team, which was in charge of inspecting compromise of president`s relatives, was disjointed due to clothes lobby scandal while inspecting him closely.

And, there is analysis that the reason was weak mother`s love.

It is heard that, when Mr.Hong-gul was scolded by father after NIS reported to Cheong Wa Dae, comprehending Choi Gyu-son connection, he appealed to mother, saying, ¡°do you believe what I say, or what people , who used to press and inspect us say? ¡°.

President Kim`s couple can think regarding the press, which disclosed each kind of private life of Mr.Hong-gul, in displeasing way, however, president`s son is in public of the public.

It is duty of the press to dig the truth how expensive house president`s son is staying in, how he paid the first class air ticket fare, by which qualification he is in the U.S, and what he is doing.

There must be public part which should be inspected, even if it is life of president`s son and private parts which should be protected, however, the private and public is not divided clearly like cutting bean curd.

While tracking the reason for public fault, it cannot help shedding light on even private parts, inevitably.

If youth have a mind to study, he should dig only one well, disconnecting fun of world.

If studies are not suitable to his nature, he can get job or do business.

People who get Mater degree and doctor`s degree in the U.S do not always become worthy person.

There are many people who went to the U.S for studying due to affluent parents, however, they register school but spend time in golf field like hoboes.

Mr.Hong-gul graduated university for 11 years (1982~93) traversing between the U.S and Korea, and received Masters degree after 7 years (1994~2000) from University of Southern California (USC). After that, he stayed at USC as a researcher.

His job was `student` for 18 years and two years as researcher in extension line.

The first and second son, although they lived without job for a long time, helped father in domestic when the opposition was suffering from severe pressure.

The story that, as Mr.Hong-gul was young, he fell into temptation of cunning person since he didn`t know world situation, is not persuasive at all.

His age is 40 years old in Korea.

It is world theory that parents can`t control grown-up children.

There is one businessman who left wise saying that golf ball and son doesn`t move as we expect, however, it is limited in private areas.

Seeing the situation that is revealed so far, president Kim is hard to avoid responsibility that he managed son`s matter carelessly in public.

In this major election, severe attack is expected surrounding matter of presidential candidate children, too.

Candidate Lee Hoi-chang received a blow in last major election due to military service matter of his sons.

Candidate Roh Moo-hyun has advantage as his children started social life recently, however, it is not assured after becoming president.

Two candidates should have a mind to make children live in transparent glasses.

We understand mind of president Kim couple who is passing `days of pain`, however, there is no strong will in declaration with regard to compromise of son.

There is paragraph in Genesis of old testament that Abraham sacrificed his son, Isaac on altar, after receiving a call from heaven.

If we explain `call of heaven` as a word of this world, it is people`s mind.

Hwang Ho-taek (Editorial Writer)