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[Editorial] President`s Declaration of Apology Is Not Persuasive

[Editorial] President`s Declaration of Apology Is Not Persuasive

Posted May. 07, 2002 09:06,   


President Kim Dae Jung presented declaration of apology to people yesterday that he apologized `sons matter` and he will withdraw from MDP, however, our frank opinion is that it is not faithful.

President Kim asked to `observe investigation of the prosecution` still, in the beginning of declaration despite apologizing `sons matter`.

However, such statement of president Kim would not be able to persuade people.

He should take more clear action.

Why can`t he say that he will make his third son Mr. Hong-gul, who is in the U.S, come back to Korea and appear in front of the prosecution voluntarily?

President Kim stated, “I hope that this matter can be treated strictly through investigation of the prosecution”, however, such statement like that of third person can violate neutrality.

The fact that president Kim ignored the matter even if he knew two years ago is getting revealed.

Therefore, emphasizing strict treatment of the prosecution can be analysed as pressure like `don`t put a stigma on him`.

The way president Kim apologized was also not the real apology.

President Kim executed `indirect apology` through chief presidential publicity secretary, Park Sun-sook on last 26th, and he carried out another `indirect apology` again through Director of presidential secretary, Park Jie-won, this time.

Some presumed that president Kim is creating an atmosphere of indirect apology preparing for the time of direct apology, however, if he admits the fault, apologizing to people personally stands accord with reason.

As president Kim is showing vague attitude like this, the opposition insists that his withdrawal is `disguised withdrawal` in order to cover up `sons matter`.

There is opinion that the reason for arresting Mr. Kwon Roh-kap is to attract people`s attention which is on `sons matter`, to another issue.

President Kim should behave more aggressively for the treatment of `sons matter`.