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Stock Prices Plunges 30P, Reaches 820 Line

Posted May. 07, 2002 09:07,   


Comprehensive stock prices plunged nearly 30 points due to collective fall of world stock market, and reached to 820 line after two months.

Comprehensive stock price on the 6th closed at 826.87, which is a drop of 29.85 points (3.48 percent) than last weekend.

This is a fall 110.74 points (11.8 percent), than previously recorded on 8th April (937.61) as the highest price this year.

Foreigners bought shares, worth 166billion won, however, buying by individuals and organizations was negative, therefore, bargain money was only 2 trillion and 474.2 billion won.

This is the lowest money since last 6th December.

Items, which recorded a fall in stock prices, were 572, however, risen items were only 190.

Comprehensive price index of KOSDAQ also closed at 75.50, which dropped 0.98 points (1.28 percent).

It soared to 76.88 once, due to foreigner`s buying worth 6 billion won of shares, however, it declined due to influence of dropping of stock market.

The reason why stock prices plunged on 6th was because stock prices of Samsung electronics fell 5.95 percent, as prices of 128 MB DRAM dropped to 2.7 dollars per one.

And it was affected by collective fall of Asian stock market due to drop of the U.S DOW and NASDAQ on the 3rd.

The price of Taiwan……… dropped 4.53 percent, Singapore ST, 1.26 percent and Hongkong Hangseng dropped 0.5 percent.

Japanese market experienced a holiday on 6th.

Chan-Sun Hong hcs@donga.com