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Boy Matures after Meeting Heart-Reading Old Man

Posted May. 07, 2002 09:14,   


Movie `Hearts in Atlantis` is based on Steven King’s novel published in 1999 under the same title. It pictures the warm friendship between a boy, who feels life is shabby, and an old man, who has telepathic power.

Middle aged photographer Bobby Garfield (David Morse) hears about his childhood friend’s death and visits the hometown, Connecticut. The only thing the friend left is an pair of old baseball gloves. Soon, another news of death reaches him that his `first love` Carol has already passed away. He wipes off the teas and remembers his 11th summer.

In the 1950s, Bobby (Anton Yelchin) lives alone with his mother after his father’s early death. Bobby’s 11th birthday comes, and his mother’s gift is a library card that can be issued for free. To Bobby, who is depressed because he wants a bicycle, strange old man Ted Brautigan (Anthony Hopkins) reaches out. Ted is a man with extraordinary power to read mind. Ted helps Bobby so that he can grow emotionally healthy. Meanwhile, as FBI chases after Ted to use his supernatural talent, Bobby’s mother, who dislikes him, reports him.

While listening to Ted about the contrasting story of childhood, which dreams of a magical paradise like Atlantis, and harsh adult life, Bobby opens his eyes to a bigger world.

Young Bobby Anton Yelchin’s excellent performance creates a harmony with Anthony Hopkins’ matured acting.

The movie is directed by Scott Hicks, the producer of `Shine`.

Above 12. Release Date: 10th.

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