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Probe on `Choi Kyu-Sun Involvement in Weapons Purchase`

Posted May. 06, 2002 09:03,   


The second special investigative office (chief prosecutor Cha Dong-Min) of the Seoul District Prosecutor`s Office is contemplating the timing of summoning the president`s third son Hong-Gul on May 5 since the evidences against him accumulated, including receiving a part of 2.5 billion Won that CEO of Tiger Pools International (TP) Song Jae-Bin transferred to Mr. Choi in return for influence peddling of sports lottery operator selection, and possession of TPI stocks under the names of employees of C construction company owned by a brother-in-law Hwang In-Don

In addition to this, the prosecution is probing whether the claim of former second deputy director of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) Kim Eun-Sung in a written petition recently submitted to the appellate court, saying, `CEO of Future City Environment Choi Kyu-Sun is involved in weapons purchase project last year,` is true or not.

The prosecution noticed the allegation that Choi interfered in weapons purchase businesses including the next generation fighter (FX) project have emerged continuously. Thus the prosecution is questioning Choi whether that allegation is true and has a plan to directly question Kim.

The prosecution called in Rep. Sul Hoon of the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) in the morning of May 4, questioned him about the identity of informer, the circumstance, and the existence of audiotapes. Rep. Sul raised the allegation of bribery scandal of former president of the Grand National Party (GNP) Lee Hoi-Chang.

The prosecution is trying to figure out the truth by inquiring Song Jae-Bin, since Rep. Sul stated, `Song knows the fact that Choi gave 250 million Won to GNP Rep. Yoon Yoi-Joon to relay it to former GNP president Lee.`

In other story, the prosecution recently summoned CEO of POSCO Yoo Sang-Bu to probe whether he purchased Tiger Pools International (TPI) stocks more expensive than the market values since six companies including affiliates of POSCO and cooperation companies purchased 200 thousand shares of TPI stock with seven billion Won in March last year. But the prosecution said that no particular suspicious evidence was found.

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