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The U.S, “Initiates Promotion of Quadruple Talks for the Middle East Situation”

The U.S, “Initiates Promotion of Quadruple Talks for the Middle East Situation”

Posted May. 04, 2002 09:24,   


Colin Powell, the U.S. state secretary, stated on 2nd that four foreign subjects so called the U.S, U.N, EU, and Russia will host international peace conference in early summer in order to solve out bloody dispute of the Middle East.

Secretary Powell stated like this, after having a meeting with U.N. Secretary General, Kofi Annan, Russia`s Foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, EU representative of foreign security, Havier Solana, Spain Foreign minister, Josep Pique.

New York times explained on this on 2nd, “although they didn`t make conclusion when, and where the peace conference will be held and who will participate, by the way, the U.S. showed intention to interfere in solving out the Middle East situation aggressively”.

Secretary Powell pointed out Israeli discharge of house arrest of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and said,“ this is the time to take prompt action in order to utilize new opportunity and we want to progress the very work”.

The U.S. President George W. Bush mentioned that independent Palestinian nation should be established, however, he said “ independent nation can`t be established on the base of terrorism or corruption”.

President Bush will meet leaders in the Middle East like Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and King second Abdullah of Jordan leaders in Washington D.C next week.