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[Opinion] Tragedy That Rise in Status Brought

Posted May. 04, 2002 08:44,   


`Finally I received the right of making all kinds of orders. I thought that my previous life had existed for this moment only. I went to bed with relieved mind`.

On the night, when Winston Churchill resumed the position of the Prime minister of U.K at the end of fierce political itinerary, he wrote this in his diary.

The position to give orders to every one, and not receiving commands from anybody except people can be the most dramatic and ultimate achievement for politicians.

It is said `human being feels bigger worth in pursuing the goal rather than obtaining the goal`; however, in case of position of national leader, achieving the goal itself is sufficiently attractive as it gives huge change in rising status.

However, it is deplorable that many leaders, who received the position, start designation of President as glory and end up in dishonor, being unfit for their raised status.

Saying accurately, President who after seizing political power, ignores the situation which close people pursues rapid rise of status, in sympathy, used to face glory and dishonor in order without exception, now President Kim Dae Jung is suffering the latter.

Seeing that all the three sons are involved in each suspicion and a number of relatives are also being taken to justice, it is painful not only to President himself but also to people.

People close to him are also involved with justice with few months of term left and even Mr. Kwon Roh-Ghap of Dongyo-dong field, which is political labor room of DJ, is held in contempt and it makes us realize uncertainty of politics.

Till when should such backward politics continue in a nation so called as economic strong country and is ranking 12th in the world?

Why, if father becomes President, should son who doesn`t have proper income become prince riding BMW?

And why should another son of President who is said to have gone abroad for study come back to nation frequently taking the special first class for which one way ticket is equivalent to half year salary of beginning labor.

When he was enjoying rise in status having champagne of France and caviar from the Black sea and looking down at the world from bed seat of flight, could he imagine that today`s tragedy is waiting for him in the land?

Matter of children can`t be lead by parents mind, however, parents can`t be free from children`s faults.

Even if information that concerned about sons play of risen status was reported from two years ago, President didn`t take a leap in stopping it.

It is hard to be justified.

Before scolding greedy close to the President who interfered with his relatives, we should criticize moral limitation of relatives who were not trained and fell into such temptations.

If someone believes that he will win major election among Presidential candidates from the ruling party and the opposition, he should observe this lesson of absurd political play which repeats in every final term of power.

And, they should realize how stupid it is to act as if they got the whole world, being fascinated by the victory of primary.

Victory of Primary is the course to go to major election, however, if someone raises the voice without discriminating what to say and what not to say, he doesn`t know the weight of the World.

Arrogance is such a terrible sin…

Seeing combative instigation that is saying to drop the number of publication of critical newspaper to 1 million copies, we can read brute courage of people close to Presidential

candidate from the ruling party, who misunderstand that they can do anything in the world as their status has risen.

When politician considers the world as subject of combat in which they can cause anything, people who doesn`t like violent world predict uneasy future.

The behavior of another close to Presidential candidate from the ruling party, who said pointing to the U.S. to be away from the primary, shows that his feet soared from the land by being fascinated by the victory of primary.

If the reason why he conducted such international show is because he wanted to display that he is ` brave political warrior in Korea who confronts the U.S`, then we can imagine what will happen on the day when such kind of people`s status rise really.

The primary of the opposition hasn`t finished yet, however, no matter who is selected, there is possibility of similar happenings occurring near the candidate.

Close to presidential candidates, regardless of the ruling party and the opposition, should take an exercise how to be exalted by being humble.

Because it is important training which is required in order to break tragedy of our political history that is getting repeated.