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[Editorial] The North-U.S. Dialogue to Be Opened

Posted May. 02, 2002 09:11,   


The North-U.S. dialogue is likely to re-open this month for the first time after the U.S. President George W. Bush resumed office.

However, dialogue between the two nations seems not to progress due to opposed atmosphere which is formed after Bush administration`s resumption.

The nation concerned as well as neighboring countries also should do their best for the North–U.S. dialogue so that it can contribute to stabilization and peace in the Korean Peninsula.

The U.S. presented the White House declaration with regard to the North-U.S. dialogue on the last 30th exceptionally, however it stressed for President Bush to have suggested in last June, “ talks without any premise in order to discuss the North`s plan of developing missiles and exports, performance of Geneva agreement, conventional military power and other wide matters”.

So far, the North had stance not to respond to suggestion of the U.S, which made such rule for talks already.

Moreover, the North has shown strong rejection of Bush administration, as the U.S. defined the North as `the axis of evil`.

Nevertheless, there might be various reasons for the North to take aggressive action on the North-U.S dialogue; however, above all else, it might have thought that improvement of relationship with the U.S. is the only way to overcome current difficulties.

It is too early to take an optimistic view on how the gap of the North-U.S would be filled up, however, it is clear that dialogue of two nations should become an opportunity to promote reconciliation and co-operation in the Korean Peninsula.

The North-South dialogue is also showing signs of activation.

The North-U.S dialogue and the South-North dialogue should advance and complement each other.

At first, the North should have sincere attitude for talks.

It should not to try to take advantages of negotiation by irrational demand or insistence like the past.

It should respond with reasonable mutualism. It should show changed aspect so that belief and reliability between the two nations can be arranged.

I hope that the U.S. also deals the matter of dialogue with the North with patience, considering its influence on Korean Peninsula.