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Special Envoy Prichard Soon Takes Official Visit to North Korea

Special Envoy Prichard Soon Takes Official Visit to North Korea

Posted May. 01, 2002 09:04,   


North Korea is known to have officially invited Jack Prichard, US special envoy on North Korea to visit North Korea.

The AFP reported from Washington D.C. on April 30 by quoting a high positioned official of the U.S. who asked not to be named, `The time is not yet decided, but special envoy on North Korea Prichad will visit Pyoungyang.` The official added, `The United States will notice the decision to our allies South Korea and Japan on April 29.`

A high official of Korean government said in the day, `The U.S. side will make clear its position on the issue of special envoy Prichard`s visit to North Korea.` But the official added, `The exact time of the visit will be decided by the U.S.`

Prior to this, spokesperson of the U.S. State Department Richard Bauer said on April 29 (local time), `The U.S. and North Korea discussed resuming dialogue as we frequently met each other through a New York channel,` and added, `Envoy Prichard also visited often New York City.`

This means North Korea invited envoy Prichard through the New York channel.

The U.S. has so far not regarded the remarks of chairman of defense committee of North Korea Kim Jeong-Il during the North Korea visit of special presidential advisor on diplomacy, security, and unification Lim Dong-Won about inviting special envoy Prichard as an official invitation.

Young-Sik Kim spear@donga.com