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[Editorial] Are There Any Measures to Stop Collapse of Dam Mt.Geumgang?

[Editorial] Are There Any Measures to Stop Collapse of Dam Mt.Geumgang?

Posted May. 01, 2002 08:49,   


Some dangerous signs like cave-in have appeared in dam Mt.Geumgang which the North built in the upper stream of river Bukhan.

In case dam collapses, it would cause serious damage down stream of Han River like Seoul.

Nevertheless, Government used to ignore it and started preparing re-enforcement work of `dam of peace`, which is down stream of Mt.Geumgang, recently.

Besides this, it has been long time since problems with regard to dam Mt.Geumgang occurred like amount of inflow water of Han River.

Inhabitants of Yang-gu, Kangwan, near Dam of Peace and some experts have demanded measures from the government mentioning unusual signs of Dam Mt. Geumgang.

However, government didn`t take action even when winter floods occurred due to inflow of 350 million tons of water into upstream of dam of Peace in last February.

If it is because of idle perception of Government, it is problem, however, if it was dimension of `reading face` of the North, it is really serious matter.

Government said that it will discuss this matter at meeting of Economic Cooperation Committee of the North-South, however, it is not the time to discuss, but time to present concrete measures.

At first, it is urgent to dispatch inspection team to grasp safety of Dam Mt.Geumgang.

And then it should discuss solution to solve out matter of Dam Mt.Geumgang basically, based on the data of inspection.

Above all else, government should pursue the change of the North attitude strongly.

According to International law, shared river`s water course can`t be changed without agreement of the country concerned.

However, the North turned water route of River Bukhan into the Taebaek Mountains, building up several dams like Dam Mt.Geumgang without any discussion with the South.

Such behavior of the North, which is requesting electrical and economic support to the South, is not reasonable.

People are observing how government responds to the North.