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Allicin Extracted from Garlic Cures Prostate and Bladder Cancer

Allicin Extracted from Garlic Cures Prostate and Bladder Cancer

Posted April. 30, 2002 09:08,   


Allicin extracted from garlic proved its excellent effect on the prevention and the cure of prostate cancer and bladder cancer.

Chun Jun (photo, Professor of Korea University Medical School) recently acquired of the patent from the U.S. for the use of allicin in the experiments and development of drugs for prostate and bladder cancers.

Prof. Chun said that allicin was exceptionally effective for the prevention of prostate and bladder cancers at the animal experiments.

According to Prof. Chun, at the animal experiment on the 38 mouse that prostate cancer cells were transplanted, only 4 mouse (13 percent) got prostate cancer out of 30 mouse that were injected with allicin, comparing with the fact that all 8 mouse that were injected with saline solution got cancer.

In addition, according to the observation on the viability of 48 mice having prostate cancer for 6 weeks, not a single mouse survived without having a treatment but 16.7 percent of them survived after being injected with allicin, 33.3 percent mouse applied with genetic treatments survived, and 50 percent mouse having the two treatments together survived for the 6 weeks.

Prof. Chun began his research 3 years ago, paying attention to the fact that the prostate cancer patients are relatively very small in Asian countries including Korea and China compared to the Western countries.

Prof. Chun said, `by using the anti-cancer material in garlic, it is expected to develop drugs to cure prostate and bladder cancers.`

Prof. Chun has also gained 2 patents from the U.S. related with the genetic treatments of breast cancer and prostate cancer. Particularly, Prof. Chun is planning to donate his patent right to Korea University for scholarship funds.

Ji-Wan Cha maruduk@donga.com