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[Opinion] Speak Out `Heartless` Speech at First

Posted April. 30, 2002 09:06,   


History is said to advance despite its repetitions.

National Affairs is becoming same as spring of five years ago when it was confused by electoral fund in major elections and Hanbo scandal.

Only roles and subject matters have changed.

Mr.Lee hoi Chang who might have become presidential candidate of GNP was appointed as the representative of New Korea party by the then President Kim Young-sam in March 1997.

Several conjectures on `mind of Kim`, which is mind of President Kim floated too, however, representative Lee became Presidential candidate of the ruling party.

National Assembly held Hanbo hearing and drove son of President Mr.Hyun Cheol into blind alley.

Main person who had offended political power was current President Kim Dae-jung, who was the leader of Kookmin party.

Same as now, the then President Kim also said that he stood aloof from son matter and he would concentrate of national matters only during his rest term for ten months.

Mr. Hyeon Chul was arrested on 17th May after around two months from the date when Mr. Lee hoi-chang was appointed as the leader of New Korea party, leaving a word “I am not guilty”.

Mr.Roh Moo-Hyun, who became Presidential candidate of MDP on 27th through its primary is facing similar situation, which five years ago leader Lee faced.

Suspicion of compromise on President Kim`s three sons is endless as it is connected one by one.

Five years ago, there was only one son of President who was involved in compromise situation, however, it is three now.

We don`t know who would be the subject of judicial judgment like Mr. Hyun cheol among them. Whether it is one or two it is going forward.

Five years ago leader Lee of NKP, who dreamt of power, stressed the love of father and son with regard to Mr. Hyun cheol matter after becoming the representative, saying, “I should consider the relationship of father and son”.

And when the situation worsened, he started displaying standard of cold law.

The leader Lee kept distance, “all suspicion should be solved out so that people can understand”, “it should be treated by law and logics”, and “ arrest of son and President`s national affairs is separated”.

How much is candidate Roh `proceeding` with the matter of President Kim`s sons.

Let`s see what he said from middle of this month when he was confirmed as presidential candidate.

“I will not say heartless speech like seize someone due to potential possibility that it can be disadvantage for my election”, “President will treat appropriately”, “it is true that matter of President`s sons became burden of myself and MDP”.

He is advancing the story gradually.

As he promised officially, `heartless speech` hasn`t come out yet.

It is quite kind speech.

Therefore, everybody thinks that he is reading face of Cheong Wa Dae so far.

Candidate Roh presented three tasks such as political reformation, principle and credibility, and national unification through address for accepting candidate on 27th, however, those are not things what people wonder now.

People`s interest is in what he thinks about matter of President`s sons and compromise of current power and which solution he has as Presidential candidate of the ruling party.

We don`t know how candidate Roh will change his speech.

However, candidate Roh is presidential candidate, not the representative of party like Mr. Lee Hoi chang, five years ago.

He can speak out to clarify truth and false with confidence rather than representative Lee.

President Kim doesn`t seem to solve out son`s matter clearly in order to relieve burden of candidate Roh.

According to memoirs what Ms.Lee Soon-ja, wife of former president Jeon Doo-hwan carried to Dong-A newspaper in December 1996, president Jeon made scenario and produced 6.29 declaration by himself, in order to give its `glory` of the declaration to his forty year old friend, candidate Rho Tae-woo.

There is crossed opinion regarding background of 6.29 declaration, however, it could be `righteousness` between two like “you can step on me and cross over me for becoming president”.

However, would president Kim call candidate Roh and would he sacrifice for election of candidate Roh, saying, “you can deal with my son`s matter”.

Matter of president Kim`s son is the mountain that candidate Roh should climb up and overcome at any cost.

Even if he was debited politically, it is nothing but private relationship between the two.

Candidate Roh should be heading-on matter of president`s sons right now.

The time to say `Pusan man`, `righteousness` and not to say `heartless` speech has gone.

President Kim doesn`t control fault of his sons well, however, candidate Roh should show boldness that he will judge `fault of father`, too.

It is people`s mind.

If he doesn`t know what people want, he is not qualified as presidential candidate.

Nam Chan-soon (Editorial Writer)