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Admittance of NTLU on Democratization Is Problem

Posted April. 29, 2002 09:10,   


Council for compensation and regaining the impaired reputation with regard to personnel who fought for democratization admitted members of National Teachers Labor Union (NTLU) as personnel for democratization, however it should be reconsidered.

Admittance of NTU on democratization is quite difficult bill to define its features as it has lead to dispute for one year and some members resigned and its announcement got delayed.

Dismissed teachers in NTU`s effort for reforming education and fighting against compromised private foundation should be admitted.

However NTU`s basic feature is labor movement to protect right of teachers, therefore analyzing it as democratization movement is excessive leap of logic.

If same rule is applied to those who were dismissed by joining illegal strike in National Labor Association (Mother group of KCTU) should be admitted as people of merit for democratization.

1139 dismissed teachers from NTU, who were admitted as people of merit for democratization later on could return to work, however, they are getting disadvantage in terms of annuity, as they are not able to get the same amount of salary given to them before dismissal.

Then it should look for measures to solve out salary matter separately and admitting their labor movement itself as democratization movement is excessive.

Some leaders of NTU at that time received judicial judgment by delivering radical thoughts or dangerous worship theory of the North to young students.

In addition, I am concerned whether it harms pride of teachers who didn`t take part in movement of NTU that defines teachers as labors.

It is worldwide trend organizing Labor union of Teachers, however, labor unions of teachers is limited to group activity that can bring absence from class due to specification of education.

NTLU was criticized by parents as it carried out violent movement like leaving school early and joining comprehensive strike of KCTU.

Council for democratization movement is likely to reach impetuous conclusion without listening to opinions from each social field enough.