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[Opinion] Politics by People Close to Power Can`t Prolong

[Opinion] Politics by People Close to Power Can`t Prolong

Posted April. 29, 2002 16:27,   


One of the big problems of our politics so far is non-democratic political behavior which people term it as, `house vassal` or `close people` carry out politics like playing walnut in the pocket.

The fact that new government started fresh like greeting sunshine after passing long tunnel of military dominant times, is chained to its close people is really paradox and historical irony.

On the snow road, we should step on the traces of front person so that there is no danger. It is lesson of history.

Politics by house vassal and close people has long been a tradition of our history already.

It was the times of Kyono dynasty that politics by close people prevailed.

The first king Wang-gun who founded Koryo was just one local power from Gaesung although being a king.

He, who was surrounded by many other local powers, needed nimble decision on policy and execution in order to control people who were divided.

He had no option but to lead politics centered on closely reliable people.

The origin form of koryo politics in the end started settling down like that.

However, the situation changed like close peoplepower increased rather than the King.

It is inevitability of history.

Swiftness in deciding policy and consistency in carrying out policy are merits of politics by close to power, however, non-democracy of procedure and monopoly of achievement is poison of politics by people close to power.

The family system that is based on geniality is the main reason for creating such poison.

The most typical form of koryo politics by close to power can be found in Mr.Choi`s regime which expelled two kings for 60 years, during four generations of Mr.Choi, such as Mr. Choi Chung Weon-Woo-Hang-Ui.

Woo, son of Mr. Choi Chung Weon made base of Mr.Choi regime by remaining in the power for 30 years.

Although he had two sons by a concubine, such as Man-Jong and Man-Jeon who were born by his concubine, Seo Ryun-bang, he made his son-in-law, Kim Yak-Sun as his inheritor.

And he sent his two sons to temple Dan.Sok in Jinjoo and temple Ssang.bong in Hwa. Soon for making them Buddhist monks as he was worried that his two sons might conspire against him.

After Choi Chung-heon, Jin.joo area became economic base of Choi family as tax of Jin.joo was submitted to Mr.Choi`s house.

Even in current Jeolla province like Sun.cheon, Bo.sung and Jindo, plenty of land belonged to Mr.Choi`s family.

Choi-woo gave responsibility to two sons that managed income from farm of Mr.Choi family located in Gyeong-sang province and Jeolla province.

However, two sons committed corruption and compromise like seizing land in name of sons of the highest power or usury, instead of simple manager of property.

Following this, high ranking officials Kim-Hwon and Song kuk-seom who were observing people`s mind told following words to Choi-woo bravely.

` We are under war against Mang-go. And people in Southern province are in fear as two brothers are seizing their property. We are afraid people will surrender to Mang-go by rising in rebellion, when Mang-go troops come. If you call your two sons back to Seoul and seize bad Buddhist monks, people`s mind would be relieved.`

Choi-woo followed their opinion and put it into practice.

However, two sons appealed to father after coming back to Seoul.

`We two brothers are suffering a lot even though our father is alive, if it goes on like this, we will not be able to find where our brother is buried in 100 years.`

Choi-woo changed his mind after listening to their word and he sent Kim-Hwon into exile and demoted Song Kuk-seom, as he thought they were trying to estrange him from two sons.

He made his second son Man-Jeon return to secular life and changed his name as Hang in order to make him as inheritor.

It occurred before Choi-woo died two years ago.

Of course, son-in-law Kim Yak-sun who was chosen as his inheritor was removed before.

Two son`s appeal with tears made the highest power for 30 years as common father who had to protect his immoral sons.

As two brothers shouted, the power of Mr.Choi` family which seemed to go at least 100 years was destroyed by coup d` etat after ten years from that moment.

Blood society made political judgment of the highest power muddy.

We should pay attention to voice of history that politics by house vassal and close to power is connected to poisons, which is called economic compromise and corruption at any time.

Lesson of history is fearsome and strict like this.

Park Jong-gi ( Prof. of Kookmin University, Korean history)