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Presidential Apology on Behalf of His Sons

Posted April. 27, 2002 08:58,   


Park Sun-Suk, the spokesperson of Cheong Wa Dae, delivered the apology of the President in terms of corruption cases related to his sons, saying “President Kim apologized to the people that his sons had created social stirs. The President is in a great agony.”

Spokesperson Park added that “President Kim is waiting for the result of the investigation by the Prosecution. It is not appropriate that the President makes a remark on the case that are still on the investigation of the Prosecution.” Therefore, the direct remarks of the President seems dependent upon the outcome of the investigation. The announcement of the spokesperson is the first remark of the President about the problems related to his sons. However, Nam Kyung-Pil, the spokesperson of the Grand National Party, commented that “who would accept the indirect apology of the President delivered through spokesperson? The President must show up himself to apologized to the public and express his firm will to reveal the truth of the corruption cases related to his sons.”

Jeong Jin-Seok, the spokesperson of the United Liberal Democrats, also asserted that it would be appropriate that “the President expressed his regrets and apologies through his mouth concerning the problems related to his sons.”

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