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Textbook of Racial Prejudice Should be Corrected

Posted April. 27, 2002 09:05,   


U.N. Human Rights on the 25th unanimously carried the resolution that urges to generally examine and amend the curriculum and textbook, which may foster racial discrimination, racism, and hatred of foreigners.

This resolution strengthening human rights education attracts attention, as it opened the way to seek various international measures to cope with Japanese distortion of textbook from the viewpoint of human rights education.

U.N. Human Rights included the article 127 of Code of Conduct, which was adopted at U.N. Racism Abolition Meeting held in Durban, South Africa in September last year from the request of Korean government.

The declaration adopted at Durban Racism Abolition Meeting says, “it emphasize s the importance of education on the historical truth and fact to prevent recurrence through clear and objective understanding of the tragic affairs of the past.(article 114)“

Meanwhile, U.N. Human Rights carried a resolution that urges the abolition of capital punishment with 25 for, 20 against, and 8 abstentions. Asian, Middle East, and African countries including Korea, Japan, and China opposed to the resolution, while European countries and middle and south American countries supported.