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[Opinion] Hong dan, Cheong dan

Posted April. 27, 2002 09:02,   


There are only stories of Hong dan, Cheong dan in our country.

Hong dan means that if in gostop game, someone gets Hongdan, he takes whole cards of the other two people and he doesn`t have to pay any money, even though he is defeated.

We can make out that Hong dan is intended for `three hong gostop`, three sons of President, however, what is Cheong-dan?

It is called as, `Cheong Wa Dae gostop`, which means that one can take whole cards of others, even if it is Cheong-dan.

It targets the power of Cheong Wa Dae, which is involved in each suspicion of compromise.

It is the `gostop` theory` that is bitter to laugh only.

The word what big Buddhist monk Seong-chul who achieved Nirvana, bowed 10,000 times, he heard “don`t deceive” from big Buddhist monk.

He bowed upon his knees with such a tired body for days in order to listen to precious words so that he can keep in his mind for life, however, he heard only, “do not deceive”, he might have been embarrassed.

However, Buddhist monk said that he could realize deep meaning of `do not deceive`, soon.

Isn`t “do not deceive”the word of big Buddhist monk, which hits today`s confused world like thunder?

There is no world that doesn`t lie and deceive, however, if Cheong Wa Dae that is called the highest power and President`s sons, become target of falsehood, disbelief and topic in gostop game, how would the nation`s dignity be?

In addition, there should not have been compromise of President`s sons and Cheong Wa Dae.

Few days ago, former President Kim Young-Sam said that DJ would become `unfortunate President `and “ people think matter of President Kim`s sons should be treated by law entirely”.

YS who had to send his son to jail says, “DJ your son also should go to jail”, I feel that whether it is needed to talk pitilessly like that or not as he was hurt before, on the other hand I think that both Kim`s are same anyway.

Today`s confusion can be agony of turning point to go through `times of both Kim`.

Is it excessive logical jump, if I say that it is `passing courtesy` in order to advance one step extirpating evil practices such as boss politics based on the region, private politics by close people, monarchy power which is far away from real democracy even if he is said to have fought for real democracy, relative politics which used to be indebted and to debt, and group compromise which comes aforesaid.

They perceived the power as “grasp”.

Their level of perceiving democracy was that much.

They must not have a mind that they were entrusted by people at all.

Main people of the power used to say, “ how we grasped this power…”

As they think to have grasped, it is not strange for them to enjoy during grasping.

Important position of nation was distributed like prize and the regime should have given small position to those who couldn`t get big prize, too.

Nevertheless, they raised voice that it is natural compensation as they fought for democracy.

However, it is not only them who fought for democracy.

Many people who were sacrificed without expecting any compensation achieved democracy.

If they grasped the power, they should have given thanks to them and humbled.

However, they didn`t do it.

They were arrogant with pride and tyranny.

Corruption was expected result. They deceived people and themselves.

If they persist not taking it off, their situation would become more bleak.

Whether they become bleak, we don`t need to worry about.

Problem is the more they drag time, its damage imputes to people only.

Then the thing which they should do now is clear. It is to reveal the fault by themselves and ask forgiveness.

It is their last way to free themselves from the yoke that deceived people and themselves.

I can understand `anguished mind` of old President.

However, it is not the matter which can be solved out by `indirect apology`.

He should show more serious decision.

We are fed up of `unfortunate President` seeing them so far.

He should end up his term solving out what he has to.

It doesn`t mean that there is only wrong thing.

History will record the public achievement.

But one thing which is clear is that the World, in which Hong-dan and Choeng-dan sweep all, should go away.

Jeon Jin-woo (Editorial Writer)