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No Recorded Audiotape Obtained

Posted April. 26, 2002 09:43,   


Rep. Sul Hoon of the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP), who publicly raised an suspicion of illegal transaction of money between CEO of Future City Environment Choi Kyu-Sun and Rep. Yoon Yeo-Joon of the Grand National Party (GNP), said on April 25, `I will humbly accept the criticism of many people saying that I hasted the announcement even though I did not obtain the evidence,` and declared, `I will not runn away from taking the ultimate responsibility if that is the case.`

Rep. Sul took a press conference in MDP headquarters located in Yoido, Seou, and admitted failure of obtaining the recorded audio tape, saying, `I tried my best to illuminate the suspicion, but I had to face many difficulties in disclosing the evidence and persuading the possessor of the tape as I has limited resources including a lack of investigative authority.`

Then Rep. Sul added, `The issue can be dissolved right away when Mr. Choi who gave money change his mind, but it seems that Mr. Choi does not want to damage the opposition party and former GNP president Lee Hoi-Chang,` and declared, `I wish all the truth be exposed as the prosecution probe on this matter started earnestly, and I will cooperate willingly with the investigation.`

On the announcement, GNP demanded the arrest and relinquishment of parliamentary seat of Rep. Sul and even apology of President Kim Dae-Jung.

Former GNP president Lee said, `Politicians should be assume the responsibility for what they are saying,` and demanded, `If Rep. Sul is still confident and sure of the evidence, he should disclose who is the informer so that the truth can be determined in public arena.`

In other hand, Rep. Shin Kyung-Shik, who is an election campaign manager of candidate Lee camp, and Rep. Yoon appeared before the Seoul District Prosecutor`s Office as plaintiffs. The prosecution has a plan to summon Rep. Sul to inquire about the identity of informer, the circumstance of public exposure, and the existence of a recorded audiotape.

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