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[Editorial] Mr.Hong-gul, Father Should Persuade Him to Return to Korea

[Editorial] Mr.Hong-gul, Father Should Persuade Him to Return to Korea

Posted April. 25, 2002 08:54,   


The prosecution reported that it is considering issuing summon investigation against Mr.Hong-gul, the third son of President Kim Dae-Jung.

The prosecution thinks that investigation of Hong-gul`s compromise suspicion should end up before May last, the date on which World Cup starts.

It seems that investigation of Mr.Hong-gul came to sight.

We have stressed that suspicion, which is related to President`s sons, should be clarified as soon as possible so that confused national affairs can be corrected.

Especially, suspicion of compromise regarding Mr.Hong-gul is stirring up the whole nation.

The prosecution, in case of revealing suspicion of Mr.Hong-gul, said that it will persuade him to return back.

However, if Mr.Hong-gul refuses it, there is no appropriate way for the prosecution to go ahead.

It can request extradition to the U.S after being issued arrest warrant from the court; however, it will take at least six to seven months.

If it is like that, how would the reputation of nation be, apart from time?

Mr.Hong-gul should come back before the prosecution persuades him and follow the law, clarifying suspicion related to him.

It is for the nation as well as for himself.

If he conceals himself in the U.S like this, suspicion would become bigger and political burden of current government would become heavier.

The reason why President Kim should take action regarding Mr.Hong-gul coming back soon is here.

Cheon Wa Dae has negative attitude to observe only result of the prosecution`s investigation, however, if it is so, it can`t solve out national affairs which is running to the worst situation.

Moreover, President Kim promised to concentrate only on national affairs during his rest of the term.

However, if various suspicions that are related to his sons are covering the whole nation, even if he is devoted entirely to national affairs, nobody would believe it.

President Kim should persuade Mr.Hong-gul to come back and go through thorough investigation with the intention to clarify the truth from the false in front of people.