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[Opinion] How Would the Regime Become?

Posted April. 25, 2002 08:55,   


The aspect that current power is showing with ten months term left is really terrible.

Suspicion of compromise on President Kim Dae Jung`s three sons is getting peeled off one by one.

Also suspicion of compromises by Cheong Wa Dae personnel has come out frequently like client of `Gate`, therefore, Cheong Wa Dae is not the position of power anymore.

It is like the lowest department of civil affairs in which various requests for interest are entertained.

Kim Dae Jung Peace Foundation for Asia Pacific Region is also no different.

Matters of Cheong Wa Dae and the foundation, as they are organizations lead by President Kim, comes to him and his three sons.

Now dignity of the President is shaking and his image is getting faint.

President`s health is also not in good condition.

Nevertheless, the power tries to recover difficulties not by solving rationally but by avoiding, persisting and counterattacking.

I don`t understand why and how it would recover political compromise.

Such effort doesn`t get consensus as well as it worsens people`s mind, however they don`t know it, it looks terrible only.

It is really pitiful.

Saying easily, as they repeat `what have I done wrong? `, `is it only our fault? as they did wrong too, it is same? `, are they really qualified to take care of the regime?

They are trying to ignite political dispute against the opposition in place of disclosing to people, therefore, isn`t it furious, `how do you consider people? `.

There is one word which is appearing time and again, that is `the time before crucial national affairs like recovering economy and World Cup`.

However, who is the main person who shook national affairs and floated people`s mind?

Isn`t it because of corruption near the power?

There is reason for the power to attack adversely and to go adversely, taking criticism.

It wants to prevent spreading suspicion of President`s three sons at any cost.

Frankly speaking, how will junior people think about President`s silence?

Wouldn`t they accept it as meaning of `miniature, if possible`?

Although investigation started, they must be uncomfortable.

Otherwise, President Kim should say a word `treat by the law` at least.

It is not the President who can`t read the situation.

Do they think to settle furiosity of people on corruption easily including suspicion of President`s three sons?

Bigger problem is that political corruption started bursting out from now on.

Strain of the power is `protecting President`.

Previous reformation of Cheong Wa Dae originated not from Jin Nyum`s running election for Gyoung-ji governor but from keeping Park Jie-won, Chief Presidential secretary, according to analysis.

As task at the end of term in history is that there is no important thing than safety of President`s family and the President.

The more the power is corrupted, it arranges such device, however, no regime has succeeded.

Nevertheless, current power is going the same way.

Concrete movement for it is reformation and recreation of the power.

Even if it is said re-creation of the power, doesn`t it mean to recapture the power by changing signboard of MDP only?

They believe that, through it, they can achieve safety of President and family.

Former Director Choi Sung-Gyu, who is involved in Choi Gyu-son gate escaped to the U.S by traveling four nations like movie 007, leaving a word `if I don`t leave, the problem will become big` is the work which can`t be created without minute planning.

Former director Choi disappeared with the key of advice `smuggling to Choi Gyu-son`.

And `money received by former leader Lee Hoi-chang` which MDP made on the day when the rumor of smuggling arose, is really great adverse attack.

How exquisite timing it is.

However, it seems not to be proceeding smoothly.

The route of adverse attack will be disclosed soon with whether it is true or not.

If we observe procedure of major election situation, including surprising turning point which appear in primary of MDP, it seems that `invisible group` operated behind the power.

It is like respective matters, but it operates together systematically in big picture.

Therefore, we can`t believe the word of the President like `moderate` or `not involving in politics`.

Adverse attack, adverse calculation can be possible, however, artificial is dangerous because it has desire to flow backward without following people`s mind.

History is the record how it judges coolly and treats honestly whenever it faces crisis.

Evaluation of history changes according to whether it overcomes itself or not.

Choi Gyu-Chul (Director of Editorial)