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An Egg for Massage Costs 5,000 Won

Posted April. 25, 2002 09:10,   


`It`s not an expensive egg, but cheap cream for massage. `

Home shopping of Agricultural and Fishery TV sells `Acnes Zero, ` functional egg for massage, from 25th.

The egg costs 5,000 won for one, which is 50 times of an ordinary eatable egg price.

Agricultural and Fishery TV says that `Acnes Zero` is efficient for curing pimples, as it has antibody against acne bacteria.

Eggbiotech, a bio venture company, developed this egg by injecting seed bacteria to a chicken of 14 months in order to lay eggs containing antibody (immuno protein). One can spread the white and the yellow of the egg separately on the face after washing and wash it off after 20 minutes once in two days.

Ra Jeong-Chae, MD of good planning team in the Agricultural and Fishery TV advised not to eat the egg, as `the egg is an functional goods developed just for massage`.

Seung-Jin Kim sarafina@donga.com