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[Opinion] Blocked Conservatism; Closed Progressivism

Posted April. 24, 2002 09:11,   


Ideological dispute is arising in our political society. It is very desirable. Why it is so? Ideological dispute is not a matter of advantage or disadvantage of a particular party.

Ideology is actually `world of values` and while disputing on the world of values, it reveals clearly how our life is away from value or ideology which we pursue.

A falsehood and insolvency of politics can be disclosed through severe ideological dispute, and we can consider it as an opportunity of self- reflection.

We can pay attention to following facts of ideological dispute.

Firstly, everybody should be honest and substantiate their statements with conduct before mentioning about worth or ideology.

Politicians should weigh on his word as political life and scholar should consider his insistence as his fame.

If word before elections and behavior after elections is different, and word before labor is different to word before entrepreneurs and insistence in the opposition differs in behavior in the ruling party.

It is primary matter than dispute on ideology and worth.

If statement is not in accord with behavior, what is the use of ideological dispute, conservatism and progressivism?

Secondly, we can come to know that there is one ideology which every people agree to in our society through ideological dispute.

It is `democracy and constitutionalism`.

Those should be in practice, above all else.

However, even if the power, which had struggled for democratization, became the main power, if there are still wiretaps, tax inspection, targeted assessments, split of press and extracting members, then isn`t it historical irony?

Although we forgive confused national affairs which occurred due to lack of experience in national affairs, however, how could we understand anti-democratic behavior of the power that has struggled for democratization?

If political power, which used to fight against corruption strongly is causing `gate` and the highest power conceals it, it is betrayal of history.

Saying a word, what is conservatism and progressivism, as it can`t carry out democracy and constitutionalism?

We should answer this fundamental question.

Thirdly, after practicing democracy and constitutionalism as political ideology, we can talk about progressivism and conservatism as ideology in social economy.

Seeing historically, there is old conservatism and innovative conservatism, and there is innovative progressivism and revolutionary progressivism.

However, the old conservatism and revolutionary progressivism is against the principle of democracy as well as failed ideology that finished historical investigation and evaluation.

Now, there is only competition between `innovative conservatism` and `innovative progressivism` that is premised on democracy.

And this competition appears as the matter of how it harmonizes with freedom and equality, development and welfare, materialism and mind, and market and nation, in national policy.

In our national affairs, some needs progressive solution and some needs conservative solution, therefore, productive competition of these two ideologies will contribute to national development highly.

The problem is that our conservatives maintain status quo and recall the past, unlike foreign nations.

We can`t see any vision, enthusiasm and leadership to correct politics and economy so that society, in which every body lives well, can be created.

Vested rights or trend of staying in current situation is strong and self-sacrifice for public is rare.

Therefore, there is no innovative vision or progressiveness to open new history.

They are conducting only joint dispute for conservatism, not dialogue for future.

It is really stuffy.

Progressivist makes people stuffy too.

In our progressivism they are still not giving up illusion of 20th century revolution.

As cleaning the past is insufficient, vision for future is also not visible.

Only slogan is violent without rational measures.

Conservatism and progressivism should be reborn.

They should change their view of world and be reborn as conscientious and rational power.

And they should create competition of innovative conservatism and innovative progressivism, and sublimate it as competition for national vision and national policy.

There is significance of true ideological dispute to lead national future.

Park Se-il (Prof. Seoul National University, law economy)