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Pardon for Past Illegal Political Fund, Induction of Four Year Second Term for President

Pardon for Past Illegal Political Fund, Induction of Four Year Second Term for President

Posted April. 23, 2002 09:40,   


Korean Economy Institute (KEI) under Federation of Korean Industries presented on 22nd legislation of specific laws that pardons political leaders who confesses illegal political fund, in order to break ill-circulation of political fund.

And it stressed the need for changing Presidential term, which is currently five years for a single term, to second term of four years and to execute elections such as major, general, and local elections on the same day so that public expenditure can be reduced.

KEI announced ` reformation task of next government` that comprised above contents and stated, “reformation of politics like high expenditure political structure, as the most urgent task for reformation of administration, justice, economy and society, etc”.

It urged to standardize public recommendation like the primary and to withdraw exclusive recommendation of parties in order to eliminate obstacles of joining, competing and withdrawal in politics.

KEI suggested that it is required to discuss system for candidates to maintain existing jobs and to be allowed resignation after getting elected so that capable people can join.

KEI stated that discussion for revising institution for these should commence from next government, saying, “reappointment of President is better than cabinet system to prevent lame duck and maintain consistency of policy under confronting situation by the South and North”.

In addition, it suggested △ to withdraw politician midway who is not qualified by inducing `recall system of members`, △ to be obligated a hearing of Chief of Special Organization like National Intelligence Service, the Board of Audit and Inspection, Financial Supervisory Commission, the Prosecution and National Tax Office, △ to recommend the Chief Justice and Justice of the Supreme Court in Justice meeting, and △ to expand subject for privatization highly such as KBS2, MBC, etc, Railways, Post Office and Water Services, etc.

This report comprises 110 main tasks in 13 fields like politics, administration, Finance, labor, human resource and political structure and is written by 27 people including researchers in KEI and external experts.

KEI announced task for reformation in four fields like politics, Justice, public, and finance among 13 fields and will announce rest of the fields soon.

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