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[Opinion] Net-Politics.

Posted April. 23, 2002 09:16,   


Voice file of running time 1 minute 48 seconds has spreaded rapidly and made record that more than 9 million people were connected for 20 days.

File `Bizarre Kim Dae-Jung` in which he is shouting at the U.S. President George W. Bush who is selling `bicycle F15`, in local language of Jeonla province, was big issue which showed terrible spreading power of internet.

As we can see by the speed this file spreading that Korea is well- equipped nation of infra internet.

Internet users are up to 25 million and those registered with high speed cable surpassed 8 million people.

According to registering rate of high speed cable, Korea is ranked first grade in the world followed by the U.S. and Hong Kong.

Netizen voters are over 16 million people excluding students in elementary, middle and high school who don`t have right for election, among internet users.

There were only 1 million 630 thousand internet users in 1997 Presidential election and no high speed cable was present.

Really surprising changes in media field has come.

Change of media environment exerts crucial influence on legal or illegal political change.

In 1960, when TV debate was carried out for the first time in the U.S. Presidential election history, John F. Kennedy overturned the situation, which was losing of election, by attracting women voters through his Young and active figure.

One thing that is interesting is that there were more replies of `Richard Nixon was better`, among voters who listened to the forum on radio.

Islam revolution of Khomeini in Iran, that destroyed Palebi dynasty, is called cassette tape revolution.

Address of Khomeini who was under exile was copied in large numbers, following the trend of spreading cassette tapes, which instigated people to fight against dominant regime.

Some internet sites that has recently increased page view following primary heat of both party`s propaganda degeneration of off-line newspaper to show their influence.

When TV appeared, there was similar prediction, however, newspaper is specialized in its function and it increased pages and number of publications.

It is hard to boot computer in sub railway and net newspaper can`t come up to convenient off-line newspaper that is written by lying down on sofa.

New media technology can change function of existing media; however, it can’t extinguish it.

Innovative technology like CD has been created, however cassette tapes is still in a good condition due to its convenience and cheap price.

According to media research in developed nations, time for watching TV reduced a lot among internet users.

However, time for reading newspaper and subscription has not decreased and off-line newspaper gives synergy effect by opening online newspaper.

It is interesting whether vote ranks of young netizens would be affected by internet.

In 1997 elections, voters belonging to 20`s were 27.5 percent and recorded vote rate was 68.2 percent.

And voters above age 50`s were 26.5 percent and recorded vote rate was 89.9 percent.

Number of two generations was almost same, however vote rate showed 20 percent difference.

Forum related to major election among netizens is also likely to reinforce their opinion hiding in unknown name rather than dialogue and persuasion.

There must be some exaggerated evaluation of internet like bubbled dotcom fever, however, if candidate is not able to deal with new media, it is possible that he gets defeated like Nixon in the U.S in year1960.

It is not needed to pursue campaigner who buys liquor and meal.

The expenditure for creating and circulating `bizarre Lee Hoi-chang` or `bizarre Roh Moo-hyun` in cyber space is almost zero.

Victory of candidate Roh Moo-hyun in MDP primary is analyzed to have supported by on-line space.

Members of `people who love Roh Moo-hyun` transfer message or motion picture which are in www.knowhow.or.kr, site of candidate Roh Moo-hyun, into other club spin portal sites.

The copyright `should I abandon my wife? ` that changed attack of candidate Rhee In-je into love story is said to have found from know-how bulletin board.

Homepage of candidate Lee Hoi-Chang in GNP (Lee H.C .com) has special column for youth like `to my young friends`.

It is conspicuous that site doesn`t delete abuses, which criticizes candidate Lee Hoi-chang in forum and give answers to it.

The result of major elections can be changed according to how many netizens exchange information regarding politics through internet, join in election.

Therefore, this Presidential election can be an initiative example to analyze influence that net politics exerts on off-line politics.

Hwang Ho-taek (Editorial Writer)