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[Editorial] I Think on `The Disabled Day`.

Posted April. 20, 2002 08:07,   


The tragedy of Ms Choi Ok-Ran (36) who committed suicide last month reminds us of many things.

Ms Choi who had cerebral paralysis of first grade, protested demanding adjustment of government`s aid for living expenditure and filed a suit, however, she was frustrated.

The reality that disabled are not able to manage even the basic life drove her to death.

There are lots of examples in our society which shows how much stingy it is to live with disabled together.

People used to protest because disabled facility is built up and the disabled used to get disadvantage in admission and jobs.

It is a representative example that one public company deprived a disabled the opportunity to appear for interview, despite receiving the highest score in entrance examination of company.

Unemployment of the disabled is more than seven times of the comprehensive unemployment rate and the payment is not even half of average.

Above all else, even the right of movement, the least demand of the disabled and the most earnest desire is not guaranteed.

Even if we say that the accident of lift falling at sub railway station, which took life of a disabled is a rare case, pavements and roads which are blocked by stairs are like a minefield to them.

Appeal of one disabled student who entered Seoul National University through special selection this year gives us shame.

He said that he has to crawl to go down as there is no bar on stairs in library.

As the university that should lead a good example to give equal opportunity to study is like this, `achievement of social unification through social participation and equality of the disabled` that is legislated by law is just fair-seeming word.

Whenever it is `the disabled day`, various events are held here and there.

However, the real solution of the disabled matter is not a disposable event but the turning perception to accept 1,500,000 disabled at same par like other neighbors.

Calling the disabled as the disabled friend is also one of the reason.

What government should do is to lead such movement.

Tolerance of disabled is not `sacrifice` but `duty` which we should follow for others who live with us.

It is a lesson that we should remember on `the disabled day`.