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[Opinion] President`s Love Towards Children

Posted April. 20, 2002 08:09,   


There is a proverb ` if parents pass away, we bury them on mountain and if children die, parents bury them in their heart`.

This signifies parental love towards young ones, however, I feel that the basic instinct to protect descendents creates such mind.

When three sons of President Kim Dae Jung appeared causing each suspicions, I criticized such situation and on the other hand, I was concerned about pain of the President.

I had pity on President Kim as he was hospitalized due to deep concern about his sons and his doctor used pain killers which even causes stomach ache to him.

Therefore, as bible says that we can shift a mountain if there is faith like mustard seed, I had thought to keep this matter in mind if the ruling party and person concerned regret and apologize as much like mustard seed.

However, I felt that it is not right, seeing that the ruling party insisted absurd things instead of regret till this morning when I started writing this.

I knew that MDP didn`t get rid of its old opposition time style which is stained by fight and argument.

By the way, we are disappointed at the face that they point out others instead of apologizing to people.

Therefore, I would like to explain what is wrong in MDP`s insistence by talking about sons one by one unless until the ruling party`s attitude is not changed.

Firstly, let us arrange the matter of third son Hong-gul by substituting issues which the ruling party mentioned while offending the leader of the opposition.

The ruling party received advantage by attacking matter of `luxury` villa in which former leader of GNP, Lee Hoi- Chang was living.

Of course, candidate Lee dealt with the matter via explanation but the attitude was not like the one who wants to become President.

Nevertheless, it was some else`s house and the price was also half of Gangnam`s same villa, the ruling party made former leader Lee`s family leave that house impressing people.

They even couldn`t say a word or compare it with private house of President Kim.

Now, let`s see one million dollars worth house that Mr. Hong-gul bought near Los Angeles.

Not even one of 1,000 Koreans in California has such house.

Koreans in New York or Los Angeles are living in rental houses, and if they have house, it is worth 200,000 ~300,000 dollars only.

However, why should son of President who is a student stay in such a luxury house like a noble?

Is it rational for the ruling party to which president belongs, to expel leader of the opposition from `tenement house` in the name of people?

MDP insisted that daughter-in-law of Mr. Lee Hoi-Chang gave birth to child in the U.S. to get dual citizenship.

It was fault of candidate Lee as he misunderstood.

Foreign children who are born in the U.S. are supposed to choose whether they will

take U.S citizenship or not through their own decision after an age of 18 years.

If the ruling party knew that public document, which Mr. Hong-gul who is 40 years recorded himself as the U.S citizen, would be revealed after one or two months, it might not have mentioned such childish nationality matter.

Now, the ruling party should reveal clearly whether son of President is the U.S citizen or the one who lies immorally.

Let`s see 100,000 dollar bargain between Mr. Hong-gul and former member Lee Shin-Bum.

MDP insisted that GNP tracked President`s son and revealed it, as well as conducted unclean bargain using him as bait.

(As if avoiding the main issue but if they agreed already, why didn`t they give money fully and made situation like this by trying to take money?)

If we listen to what MDP says, it makes us feel that Mr. Hong-gul is simple and studious student, but, the opposition drove him in a bad way by sticking to him like leech.

Is it the theory that, as threatening and taking money is wrong, the overall behavior what he has done is fair?

The most important matter is where the money came from.

The problem is whether he has that much income to drive luxury car worth 65,000 dollar by paying installment of 8 million won per month and stay in 1 million dollar house.

If it is money inherited from family, President should reveal its bill and if the money was bribe, he should get punished according to law, and if he made money himself, national tax office should look for income tax returns.

If the ruling party is like this, the concern of President Kim will increase day by day.

Lee Gyu-Min (Editorial writer)