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Issues on the Sources of Kim Hong Gul`s Money

Posted April. 19, 2002 09:10,   


The opposition Grand National Party (GNP) demanded, on April 18, the prosecution probe and the explanatory statement of the president Kim Dae-Jung on payment of 100 thousand dollars by the third son of the president to former GNP Rep. Lee Shin-Bom as an out-of-court settlement of civil lawsuit. But, the ruling Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) accused former Rep. Lee for pocketing the settlement package by threatening exposure of private life of Hong-Gul, thus flaring up the war of words regarding Hong-Gul between the ruling and opposition camps.

Suspicious Sources: GNP spokesperson Nam Kyoung-Pil issued a press statement, `How could a large sum of money, 110 thousand dollars including settlement compensation of 100 thousand dollars and court expenses of ten thousand dollars, be afforded by Hong-Gul who have never had a job worthy mentioning of for about eight years` student life,` and added, `If he loaned the money from a mother-side relative, then he should expose who is the relative.`

Spokesperson Nam also commented on the selling of Ilsan land, Kyounggi, (worthy of 0.2 billion Won) by Hong-Gul, `Even though the Blue House says that Hong-Gul purchased the land with an house deposit money, it is highly likely that the land was granted by the president Kim,` and, `If it was granted, the president should clarify himself the source of money including the receipt sheet of grant taxes.`


On the issue, the Blue House said, `It is a fact that Hong-Gul once purchased a land in Ilsan of 70 Pyoung with a house deposit money in Seoul when he was leaving to the U.S. in 1994, and sold the land later.`

Issue on Involvement of the Blue House: GNP claimed the Blue House is evidently helping the posh student life style of Hong-Gul as the presidential secretary for overseas press Yoon Sock-Joong is a de facto `court representative` of Hong-Gul.

But, MDP spokesperson Lee Nak-Yon remarked, `Former Rep. Lee actually pocketed a considerable amount of money as he intended to racketeer the president`s son by inquiring and exposing his private life and raising a lawsuit,` and, `Former Rep. Lee and GNP should, first of all, repent their unscrupulous actions.`

Additionally, spokesperson Lee said, `We feel sorry and shame as a related person in the Blue House is involved` while commenting on fax messages of former Rep. Lee sent to former chief presidential secretary for political affairs Yu Sun-Ho and to former GNP chief secretary Kim Moo-Seong, in which former Rep. Lee asked them to cooperate in a law suit settlement with Hong-Gul. But spokesperson Lee claimed, `This kind of deal may be reported to former GNP president Lee Hoi-Chang.`

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