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[Editorial] The Reason Why School Violence Continues

Posted April. 19, 2002 09:03,   


School violence can be eliminated.

As violence occurs in small periphery of school, if teachers care more and parents and students who were harmed deal with it aggressively, it can be solved.

However, at present, school violence and group harassment still exists.

It means that school or concerned organizations have in fact dealt with it formally by just talking about it.

Terrible accidents that have caused injury to students by blade took place in Seoul and Ulsan successively.

The case of killing third year classmate in middle school, which occurred in Seoul, is a shadow of school violence internally.

The student who was killed was `Jjang` who used to cause violence in school.

The student who committed crime said that his friend was injured by `jjang`s notorious act, therefore, he thrusted him with blade.

It shows that school violence had spread from before.

If school authorities had stopped previous violence, there might not have been a worst situation like this.

School violence is serious as it occurs in schools commonly.

What have school and concerned authorities done while violence was taking place in the middle of school, not even out of school?

School violence is, of course, not only responsibility of school.

There are lots factors to encourage school violence such as situation that violence is prior to words, stress due to admission, degraded public culture.

However, the key to solve out violence in school lies with school and education authorities.

We know that school has heavy task.

However, the most important education provided by school than any other education is to teach not violence but rational dialogue and how precious living together is.

Concerned authorities like police, the prosecution, etc should make an effort to arrange educational environment in which parents can send children to school safely.