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“Group-F in Full Power”

Posted April. 19, 2002 09:19,   


“Ronaldo, Owen, Raul…”

Glittering stars of international football shone in the night sky of `the day of A-Match (inter- national team matches)`, which took place all at once on the 18th.

The most noticeable player was, in no doubt, Ronaldo, who came back from a long blank in injury.

After scoring two goals during the match with Italy’s Serie A Brescia on the 15th, he participated in the day’s evaluation match with Portugal as a start-up, and played until he was substituted at half time. His play was impressive in harmony with Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, and especially, his 3 threatening shots in the beginning of the first half were powerful enough to prove his restoration.

England, Argentina, and Nigeria in the 2002 World Cup’s so-called `deadly group` Group F also claimed victory, announcing fierce competitions.

Michael Owen’s great performance helped England, which fell in depression because of David Beckham’s injury, to defeat Paraguay by 4-0. Owen scored the first goal 4 minutes after the match began, confirmed easy victory, and prepared a stepping-stone for the team’s revival from a recent slump of 3 ties and 1 defeat.

Argentina beat Germany by sustaining Juan Pablo Sorin’s decisive header in 43 minutes of the first half, and Nigeria outran Scotland by 2-1with Julius Aghahowe’s 2 goals.

Spain also crashed Northern Ireland by 5-0, winning a pleasant victory.

However, No.1 champion candidate France tied with Russia 0-0, and Italy also disappointed itself by tying with Uruguay by 1-1.

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