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Far Distance of August

Posted April. 12, 2002 08:45,   


Dong-a Ilbo, jointly with Ashahi newspaper, a leading representative newspaper in Japan, is going to publish in installment a new novel “Far Distance of August” written by novelist Yu Mi-Ri, a Korean resident in Japan, beginning from the edition of April 18. This is the first time in both countries` press history that newspapers in South Korea and Japan simultaneously publish in installment a novel of certain novelist.

Yu Mi-Ri is one of the most notable writers in Japanese literary circle who was awarded with Acutagawa in 1997, the most respected literature award in Japan, with her novel “Family Cinema.”

“Far Distance” is a long novel dealing with social situation and immigration history in both countries at the time of the national liberation, focusing on the life Yang Im-Deuk (who lived between 1912 and 1980), a grand father of mother side of the novelist and a long-distance runner during the Imperial Japan. Ms. Yu visited Korea four times since 2000 to write the novel and surveyed regions including Milyang Kyoungnam, a hometown of the grand father, to complete her writing concept.

The novel will represent the past, present, and future of the Korean residents in Japan numbered two million. Ms. Yu expressed her determination in writing, saying, “Koreans residing in Japan locked in a long tunnel. I hope this would help them to dislodge the hindrance blocking the exit.”

Japanese cartoonist Istsu Hiroyuki who awarded the publishing and culture award of Godansha publishing company draws the graphics inserted into the novel. Kim Nan-Ju who received favaorable reputation with beautiful translations of representative works of Ms. Yu such as “Family Cinema”, “Family Sketch”, and “Rouge” will assume the translation of the novel into Korean.

We expect many readers` enthusiastic support on “Far Distance of August”, which symbolizes a link not yet ended between Japan and Korea.