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[Opinion] Winning By Looking Down At The Rival

Posted April. 12, 2002 08:53,   


Let it be for one year in long term or for one month in short term, whirlpool of big change is arising in Korean Politics.

Civil groups unfolded failure movement in 4.13 elections last year and made new standards for Korean government to achieve personnel reshuffle.

Following such stream, rectification group of MDP carried out reformation like group leadership system and Primary and set fire to political reformation by starting primary in Cheju on 9th March.

Thereby, Lee Hoi-chang, former President of GNP, who was postponing party democratization after major elections, also gave up the leadership and accepted comprehensive treatment for party democratization including group leadership system.

In addition, GNP planned for the first primary, in order to select Presidential candidate at Incheon on 13th April, on the same date of 16th general elections held last year.

Despite academic evaluation that it is the biggest reformation of democratization after `June demonstration`, reformation of parties are disposing many problems.

It is especially a big problem that negative campaigning like plotting theory or colorist is undergoing in primary which is exciting people and making them expect the result every weekend.

The thing what causes deeper concern is such noises are re-appearing in the procedure of primary for local governor.

Negative campaigning is main stream in local elections too and moreover those who failed selecting candidate for local governor in 80 regions, among 150 regions that finished primary of ruling party and the opposition, are creating problems like in subordination to primary and withdrawal from party.

Observing such things, I wonder what for did they introduced new system.

Even if they introduced democratic system, and politicians who behaves under the system non-democratically, then what is the use of such system?

Then, what is required in order to complete political reformation and overcome discord between democratic system and non-democratic system?

Firstly I would like to suggest all candidates, who are participating in presidential primary is to `prepare for failure`, too.

Generally, one person can be a winner and the rest can`t help being a loser, in every competition.

Therefore, all candidates should have a mind that they can lose, as well as, in case of being defeated, `I will accept the result honorably`.

Secondly, I would like to advise candidates to understand exactly how significant reformation of party democratization is in Korean modern history.

If they stick to the victory only without perceiving that current reformation of party has epoch-making meaning to advance political development of Korea, it would have a major role in destroying newly introduced democratic system.

And ironical situation would arise that those who participate in primary in order to promote public interest becomes` enemy of the public`.

Thirdly, I hope that candidates make a big effort to develop new national vision and political measures to join developed nations.

If we observe vision and policies that candidates showed, it is hard to find trace of deep thinking on complicated matters.

For example, no one is able to suggest clear solution how they will solve out matters of productivity and employment simultaneously, harmonizing privatization of public industry, stable employment, and welfare policy.

Therefore, I wish each candidate`s side to acquire vision for the enhancement of public welfare and develop policy with all their might.

Government decided `dynamic Korea` as national slogan in order to host World cup, which is coming after one month, wonderfully well.

It is a very good slogan catching the dynamism of Koreans.

However, if such dynamic Koreans doesn`t abide by rules and tolerate others, what would happen?

Thereby, I have a hope to choose `Noble Korea` as another symbol for forward Korea.

It is same in primary for major elections.

When candidates, who are trying to take Korea to new heights, keep etiquettes and tolerate rivals while showing strong dynamism and attitude to serve people, we can create Noble Korea.

It is most important for Presidential candidates to set an example in order to take Korea forward.

Seong Gyeong-Ryung (Prof. Hanlim Univ, Sociology)