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Chief of Kwangju Prosecutor`s Office to be Summoned at Coming Weekend

Chief of Kwangju Prosecutor`s Office to be Summoned at Coming Weekend

Posted April. 11, 2002 08:54,   


The Central Investigation Office of the Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office (SPPO) (chief prosecutor Kim Jong-Bin), which now investigates `Lee Yong-Ho gate`, decided to summon chief prosecutor of Kwangju High Public Prosecutor`s Office, Kim Dae-Woong, possibly as early as this weekend on April 10. The incumbent chief prosecutor is suspected of divulging investigation report of SPPO to former executive of the Asia and Pacific Peace Foundation, Lee Soo-Dong, on November last year

The prosecution is known to intend investigate whether the inside nuclear circle of the prosecution, including former prosecutor general Sin Sung-Nam, former chief SPPO Kim Gak-Young, leaked confidential investigative information, when it is determined to be true that Kim Dae-Woong, who was the chief prosecutor of the Seoul district prosecutor`s office, received information on the investigation situation through the report lines of SPPO.

The prosecution is questioning again Lee Soo-Dong today, and is collecting complementary information on chief prosecutor Kim`s alleged leaking of confidential information obtained during official duty.

The prosecution is allegedly secured statements of Lee Su-Dong who said, `Chief prosecutor Kim called me on November 6 last year to say that I was exposed to have received money from Lee Yong-Ho.` On the issue, chief prosecutor Kim claimed, `Even though I called Mr. Lee Su-Dong for private talks, I did not leak investigative information to him.`

A related person in the prosecution said, `We will question Mr. Lee more specifically on the situation at the that time of leakage of investigative information, and then our intention is to summon the chief prosecutor Kim regardless of whether he submits his resignation or not.`

Additionally, the prosecution confirmed the fact that Mr. Kim Sung-Hwan, who is a high school classmate of vice chairman of the Asia and Pacific Peace Foundation Kim Hong-Up, directed an executive of Seoul Music Broadcasting Co., called Mr. Park, to deposit several times a great amount of cash and dozens of checks of unknown sources to a pseudonym account.

Since the prosecution confirmed also the fact that five hundred checks of one million denomination each, which exited from the pseudonym account of Kim Sung-Hwan have not returned to bank till this time, the prosecution is investigation the possibility that the checks are may be secretly hide out by Kim Hong-up or the Asia-Pacific Foundation.

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