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[Editorial] Grounded Main Fighters

Posted April. 09, 2002 08:51,   


The news of 117 KF16, which is main fighter aircraft in air force, is being grounded for over one month causes concern to people.

After one of KF16 fighter fell down right after take off due to engine fire in February last, the rest of KF16 are under prohibition from flying.

The army authorities should carry out necessary treatment as soon as possible so that defense of territorial skies can proceed perfectly.

That can settle uneasiness of people.

The army authorities explains that to operate KF 16 steadily before clarifying the reasons for accident in last February can cause expensive loss to national property additionally.

And it says that there is no severe blow to operate comprehensive military power even if KF 16 is under prohibition from flying.

It says that training pilot or test flight can be under taken by a simulator or other fighters and KF 16 fighters also, if necessary is available for flying.

However, it is an obvious problem that main aircraft fighters can`t take off.

The task for future is to take necessary action in order not to cause stopping of operation of main fighters again.

For that, entire investigation of February accident, above all else, should be completed.

As there is big possibility that crash accident of KF 16, which has happened three times already after 1997, was all due to deficiency of engine.

Army authorities should request transparent data for investigation to U.S P& W Company, which is an engine manufacturing company of KF 16 fighters.

In case deficiency in engine is identified after investigation, it is natural to request proper compensation of the aftermath.

The result of investigation of February accident is especially important as P&W Company and GE Company are in severe competition regarding the engine for F15 of U.S. Boeing Company, which is buoyed as powerful fighter in FX business.

By the way, the conclusion is clear in national stance.

The army authorities should do its best for installing engine which has not only good capacity but also high reliability.