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Paik Nam-Jun Art Gallery to Be Built

Posted April. 09, 2002 09:18,   


Founder of `Video Art`, `Michelangelo of Video Art`, video-artist Paik Nam-Jun (70)’s world of work and art-spirit is to be displayed at `Paik Nam Jun Gallery`, which is to be established in Yongin city, Kyounggi, for the first time in history.

Kyounggi-do and Kyonggi Cultural Foundation (KCF) are to build the gallery on 34,000 Pyong (27.8 acre) of land next to Kyonggi-do Museum in Yongin city by 2004.

Kyounggi-do’s governor Yim Chang-Ryol said on the 8th, ¡°We recently signed a contract with Paik Nam-Jun in Miami, U.S.A., for the gallery and transfer of his works. And as soon as the plan finalizes, construction will begin around November.¡° The name of the gallery is temporarily decided as `Nam June Paik Museum at Kyonggido`.

Although Paik’s works will be displayed, the museum will go beyond as mere space of display. Paik’s actual studio will be reproduced to show the process of his artistic creation, and research into his influence and cultural meaning left in the 20th century will also be done. Therefore, the place is to play a role of more than `gallery`, but actually become `museum`.

Kyounggi-do has currently transferred 58 pieces of Paik’s work, including 3 pieces of laser works, 13 video works, 31 drawings, and 11 paintings. Purchase cost reached 5.2 million dollars (approximately 6.7 billion won) in total. Laser works include `3rd Element` that uses the principle of continuously reflecting the laser, which is dispersed through prism, by a motor and mirror. Video works include `TV Fish`, `TV Clock`, and `Participation TV`.

Another aspect that draws as much attention as Paik’s works do is the fact that parts of his New York Broom Studio are to be reproduced. Tools, materials, and personal supplies, which he actually used, will be displayed. ¡°This space will be the most dynamic and unique one in the museum,¡° expected a KCF authority. His point is that the space will give away deep impression by showing Paik’s passion for creativity and arts, as well as his working processes.

Kyounggi-do began promoting the construction of Paik’s museum in last November. Born in Seoul, Paik actually agreed on the construction, saying that Kyounggi’s Uijongbu city is the hometown of his ancestors, and his family name is affiliated from Suwon.

Kyounggi-do and KCF are to open a public contest for construction plan ideas. More than one winner will be chosen to consult with Paik himself, and the construction will proceed through their cooperation.

Although the construction’s scale and configuration are not finalized, KCF authorities anticipated that it would be on the scale of 2,000 Pyong (1.6 acre) for now. They said, ¡°Total cost of the construction may change depending on the proceedings, so we can’t really say now.¡° The plan will be concluded within 6 months, and the construction will begin in November.

Kyounggi-do expects to form a culture-belt that connects nearby Kyonggi-do Museum and Yongin Folk Village’s Provincial Folk Music Center (to be established) through the construction of Paik’s museum.

Also, additional purchase of Paik’s works like `TV Garden` and `TV Buddha` are planned, as well as international symposiums, production of Paik’s documentary, and special displays.

Kwawg-Pyo Lee kplee@donga.com