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[Editorial] Agreement of the South-North, the Practice Is Important.

[Editorial] Agreement of the South-North, the Practice Is Important.

Posted April. 06, 2002 08:59,   


The relationship between the South-North seems to have broken the deadlock.

Special envoy Lim Dong-Won and the North side agreed to re-open the visit of the separated families and committee for economic cooperation.

If the South-North committee for economic cooperation is formed, pending matters such as connecting Kyong-ui railway and highway, establishment of Gaesung industry, and supporting food and fertilizers, etc would be in activation.

However, the problem is in practice.

In case of meeting of separated families, the North cancelled the schedule suddenly, for which the date was already confirmed.

And the North agreed earlier to most principal of the South-North economic cooperation, too, however, it showed negative reaction in practicing; therefore, it is still holding on to the situation.

The North didn`t keep the agreement saying that the U.S has hostile attitude like axis of evil and South also follows it.

If the North didn`t put into practice the agreement making an excuse again, the credibility of the North would not be able to recover any more.

Indeed, the reason why the North is suffering domestically as well as abroad, being cut off from international society, is because it couldn`t pile up the reliance by itself.

One of the main reasons for negative reactions on supporting the North is also due to disbelief in the North regime.

The North, especially, should not try to use the relationship of the South-North as temporary measures for `escaping dilemma`.

If the North tries to use the relationship of the South-North as auxiliary means for improving the relationship of the North-U.S or as temporary measures for receiving the support like fertilizers or food from the South, the faith on the North will never come about.

The North should respond in earnest attitude such as it should promote reconciliation and cooperation between the North and the South and solve out national matters.

Such attitude should be prior so that the North can avoid isolation from international society as well as improve relationship of the North-U.S.

In order to proceed with this agreement well, the role of our government is also important.

If government is to use the relationship of the South-North for another purpose or is intent on non-principled support, there would be a big possibility for the North to make on ill use of it.

Then, the disbelief on the North would be deeper and the relationship of the South-North can`t grow.

Government should pursue righteous policy on the North that is under the principle of mutuality.