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Two Opposition Parties Going to Seek Truth in Parliament

Two Opposition Parties Going to Seek Truth in Parliament

Posted April. 06, 2002 09:05,   


The Grand National Party (GNP) and the United Liberal Democrats (ULD) agreed to summon the Culture and Tourism Committee to inquire about the remarks of the “nationalization of major newspapers” of Roh Moo-Hyon alleged by Rhee In-je camp. This will bring into parliament the disputes concerning the remarks.

GNP Spokesperson Nam Kyung-Pil, who is also a member of the Culture and Tourism Committee declared, “If the words of candidate Roh is true, this is anti-democratic and abusive comments transcending the radicalism and extremism, and it belongs to leftist view”, saying “ I have agreed to hold the Culture and Tourism Committee during a telephone conversations with Rep. Chung Jin-Seok, ULD spokesperson, who is also a member of the Culture and Tourism Committee.

Spokesperson Nam said, “When the Culture and Tourism Committee is held, we will have candidate Roh and all of other journalists who were at the spot of the remarks summoned to inquire the truths of the remarks”, adding, “If it is determined that candidate Roh actually spoken that kind of words, candidate Roh should resign his candidacy immediately.” The members of the Culture and Tourism Committee are consisted of nine MDP, nine GNP, and one ULD Representatives, so that the combined number of imagined alliance between GNP and ULD would compose the majority.

In other hands, GNP vice spokesperson Bae Yong-Su made comment, “It is known that candidate Roh admitted violating the election laws as he spent money as much as he want”, and, “If the remarks is true, he should resign his candidacy even if the prosecution effective date is over.

MDP candidate Rhee In-Je also talked with reporters in Dagu where a party primary is held, criticizing candidate Roh again by saying, “Nationalization of the press is an idea that even dictators can not imagine”, adding “Even Roh says it is rigged, this is a bigger problem, and such a view on press should not be held by any politician.”

Candidate Rho also met with reporters, retorting the controversial issue, “If I spoke about nationalization on last August, it should been reported at that time”, and “As I have never taken the view of nationalization, I can not speak that way even by mistake, and they should not fabricate this way.”

But, candidate Rho has been cautious on taking legal measures against Rhee camp saying, “It is not good to sue them”, and, “Taking the disputes to the court means getting more deeply involved in fighting, which is not good anyway.”

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