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“Corruptions of DJ Relatives Should Be Cleaned Within the Tenure of This Administration"

“Corruptions of DJ Relatives Should Be Cleaned Within the Tenure of This Administration"

Posted April. 06, 2002 09:05,   


MDP primary candidate Rhee In-Je said in a joint speeches of nomination racers in Dagu on April 5, “I will definitely clean out political corruption including irregularities of president relatives and irregularities of power elites coming from the current administration.” This is the first time a MDP primary candidate raised issues on president relatives` scandal.

Candidate Rhee also said," I will pursue the North Korean policy for bringing changes in North Korea and not take too generous measures.”

He also claimed in a press conference held after the speeches of racers, “the issues of president relatives should be cleaned completely within the tenure of this administration”, and “When you leave garbage in mountain, you can not cultivate crabs in Western Sea because of pollution, and likewise you should not burden the next administration with the irregularities of president relatives.”

He continued, “The current North Korean policy is giving too generously without any principle, and there are principles that you should keep no matter what may come”, and “People would not complain any more when North Korea is supported with the prospect that they can supply their own food with five to ten years.”

Especially in relation to Mt. Geumgang tourism program, he raised his voice, saying, “North Korea should cooperate with to let the tourism programs go smooth”, and “People would not agree with North Korea policy when North Korea is supported unconditionally.”

Young-Hae Choi yhchoi65@donga.com