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U.N Security Council Agreed `Immediate Withdrawal of Israeli Troops`.

U.N Security Council Agreed `Immediate Withdrawal of Israeli Troops`.

Posted April. 06, 2002 09:01,   


Following the U.S, who insists pro-Israel policy, requested pull out of Israeli troops from Palestine region on 4th, U.N Security Council also carried a resolution for withdrawal of Israeli troops without delay unanimously.

Israel despite international pressures resumed military attacks in Palestine region on 4th; therefore anti-Israel, anti-America demonstration is spreading.

U.N. Security Council requested Israel to pull out from Palestine region `without delay`, on 4th.

The Security Council has once requested Israel to withdraw through resolution of article 1402 on last 30th, however it was ignored, therefore, it included the expression of `without delay` on 4th.

The Security Council welcomed the announcement of President George W. Bush to dispatch Collin Powell, the U.S. Defense secretary to Middle East region next week and it gave strength to the efforts of the U.S. mediation for peace.

However, Israel sent army to Hebron, the west of Jordan River on 4th saying, ¡° we will not pull out troops from Palestine territory until cease fire is complete¡° (Finance Minister Bean Shalom).

Israel occupied most of Palestine cities, west of Jordan River, like Ramallah, Bethlehem, Kalkilya, Tulkarem, Yenin, Nablus, Hebron etc, except Jericho.

Israel prime minister Ariel Sharon warned Iran and Syria not to support Hezbollah, saying that they will take action in order to prevent additional attack of Hezbollah, terrorist of Lebanon.

Therefore, warlike atmosphere is rising in Northern Israel which shares border with Lebanon.

Despite warning of Prime Minister Sharon, 9 missiles were launched from near Sheba field of Southern Lebanon on Israeli radar base.

On the other hand, anti- Israel, anti- America protest in Arab is being expanded to Brazil, Peru and Ecuador crossing Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt.