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Looking at Night Sea from Cliff on Seashore

Posted April. 04, 2002 08:51,   


Why would spring only come in land? Ullung Isle is also full of the Spring-spirit, forming great scenery. Sea and land, both are filled with the color of spring in Ullung Isle. There is `Ullung’s Three-Color Tour` package (3 nights 4 days) that runs over the island’s beauty, taste, and flavor.

Let us have a look at the schedule. j Ullung’s Beauty = Trekking course through primitive forest that starts from Nari Basin, appreciating the island at the top of Juk Isle’s mountain, enjoying the night sea at yellow ocher pension (Chusan Household. Picture) located under Mt. Songgot, looking for Dok Isle from the cliff reached by cable car. k Ullung’s Taste = Grilled beef (Bulgogi) that was grown with medical herbs, cooked rice wrapped in wild greens that grew in unpolluted island, fresh mussel-rice, seaweed-soup boiled with barnacle. l Ullung’s flavor = tasting row fish with natural wasabi made from natural mustard, enjoying the sea smell aboard on cruise.

Boarding on the first-class room (2nd floor) of the newest cruise (2 hours on sail) that runs through Port Mukho – Port Dodong. Departure on 11th, 18th, and 25th, and the cost is 345,000 won. For tourists joining from Port Mukho, it is 315,000 won. The schedule is prepared by a traveling-leisure agency, Outdoor 7 (www.outdoor7.com). 02-2285-5322.