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[Opinion] Can`t Take off `Three Kim`s Politics`?

Posted April. 03, 2002 08:56,   


To the editorial writer M,

It has been nearly one year since we met and talked about politics as press and reader.

The reason why I suddenly remembered of our talk last May is because I would like to state my opinion on `Roh Moo-hyun situation ` that is floating in the country.

At that time, one rumor which one Monk predicted was circulating secretly, that the only measures for MDP to confront `Lee Hoi- Chang trend` was one person who gets support from three Kim`s.

I, as the one who studies the people`s opinion scientifically, said that I couldn’t believe in the prediction of an ascetic and added ¡°pay attention to Roh Moo-hyun he has big potential¡°.

You shook the head, saying that he would have difficulty in getting votes in Kyong Sang province being the symbol of MDP.

I didn`t agree to that explanation of ignoring gust of Roh Moo-hyun as bubble and the analysis that it would be steady due to the regional base.

The reason why I predicted the possibility of Roh Moo- hyun was based on the theory of `reformation of the party` that explains birth, growth, disappearance and re-birth of the party.

The party is formed on the basis of cracking issues.

However, if existing issues doesn`t have rationality to solve new problems, voters who leave existing party would rapidly increase and nonvoting, too

Then, new cracking in the party would appear surrounding the ways of solving out new problems and reformation of party would be carried out.

Sometimes new parties appear by dividing support of voters from existing party.

After democratization in year 1987, as system of democracy to anti democracy lost rationality, the party was reformed as regional system.

However, failure of DJP unification approved that regional party is not compatible to solve out the current matters.

Even though withdrawal from regional party has been executed steadily, as there were no new measures, political disbelief of voters has increased.

As disorganization of party proceeded widely and many voters withdrew from existing party and flexibility of election become high, I insist that this election can be predicted by anyone.

This means that reformation of party can be achieved in these major elections.

And candidate Roh is the only one who satisfies three conditions that are needed for reformation of party that is why, `Roh Moo-hyun syndrome` appeared, I analyze.

Firstly, in order to bring about reformation of party, the party should suggest distinguishable measures.

Candidate Roh`s clear identification that is discriminated from GNP is likely to appear as measure for party elections.

As party reformation has high possibility to appear through ideological cracking, therefore, progressive candidate Roh gets support more than moderate candidate Chung.

Thirdly, full scale reformation of the party can succeed by over coming existing regional cracking.

And candidate Roh is most compatible to divide support of GNP by not being reluctant to the existing regional division.

It is right to analyze the support for Roh Moo-hyun in Youngnam region as another regionalism, I presume.

Nevertheless, candidates are trying to meet former president Kim Young-sam one after another it is tantalizing not to be free from the myth of boss politics.

The candidate who gets most rational voter`s mind, and not relies on regionalism or three Kim, will win in this major elections.

They should not forget.