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Be Stronger in Offense Organization

Posted April. 03, 2002 09:10,   


Only 2 months are left until the World Cup. What kind of reinforcement measures would the Korean national soccer team, `Hiddink’s division`, take during that period? The Korean team is be called together once again on the 12th, and make final preparations for the rest of the time.

s Results Of The Physical Training?

Korea’s lesson is from the match between Japan and Poland. Soccer experts, who watched Japan’s good fight, agreed that “Poland’s so-called `European soccer` was helpless before Japan’s front and back pressure”. In other words, European teams cannot help themselves before the game-style that offensively pressurizes for the entire 90 minutes. It can be said that coach Guus Hiddink’s much insisted `physical training` earned persuasion consequently. However, there is still a question of whether the national team’s physical training is to the `fullest effects` right now. Although there is a general consensus that Hiddink’s physical training is on the right track, the team was fruitless in last year and has no time now. Experts still question whether Korea’s midfield continued `reliable` pressurization until the end during the matches with Finland and Turkey.

s Stable Defense?

As Hong Myung-Bo joined the team, Korea’s defense generally has a passing grade. The national team’s assistant coach Park Hang-Seo said, “The defense is regaining stability after Hong joined the defensive line.¡° Park also added, “Especially, fruits of the European field training can be found in the fact that players are now in better communication.” That would mean that the Korean team’s `three-back` system has now settled around Hong. As so, such stability in defense has enormous psychological effects.

Analysts say that the players seem calm, performing their full talents, with improved communication under the command of veteran Hong. The problem now is to what extent Hong can create offense chances in the modern pressure-soccer, in which central defense actually works as playmaker.

s The Major Task Is To Strengthen Organization.

Midfield and defense organizations gained passing grades in the recent European field training. The problem lies in the offense organization. Considering that 85 Per Cent of scored goals in the history of World Cups are made within 5 passes from the rearmost defensive line, there is still much vacancy to be filled in. That is why Hiddink keeps ordering `one-two touch` during training.

Although Yoon Jung-Hwan achieved certain level of performance, the team still has a task of establishing an organic pass-work between playmaker and forefront strikers.

Sung-Won Joo swon@donga.com